Three Line/ Short poems/Haiku



You seek beauty in the wrong places
You’ve been stuck on the same pages
Don’t be upset when you meet your unfriendly destination



Attracted by your lovely allure
with you I find peace, you’re my soul’s cure
your love is incredibly pure
our feelings have matured, being with you feels super secure
explore through my body, I’ll give you a tour


HEALING (4).png

I’m still here with you
I’m not sure why I’m searching
if I have not healed 


too late.png

He doesn’t want to hurt her but he doesn’t want to love her
overtime, he’ll realize she was super lovable, and it will be super late



I thought you loved me
your daily actions hurt me
I had to leave you


it wasn't love (1).png

I gave you all of my love 
but it was never enough
because it wasn’t love you were searching for



I trusted you had good intentions
all I wanted was love and affection
all you left was deception


I’m in my room feeling all gloom
you took my heart
and you left me doomed


three line poems.png

You told me you’d love me forever
now you’re gone or whatever
and now I’ll be a shelterless lover forever


three line poems (2).png

We stare at the sky because it’s a nice shade of blue
I’m growing feelings for you
I’m really enjoy this view


Thanks for reading! 🙂

three line poems.png

Thought it would be a fun way to challenge myself, spike my imagination and feed my inner poet soul to make sure I keep writing. These are just for fun 🙂 ENJOY! xoxo