I don’t know what to say


Late night spring

I let the phone ring and ring

I wasn’t in the mood to speak, but I had no voice anyway

I pretend that I’m present but my mind is very far away

Trying to walk in straight lines, but I keep tripping

I’m hiding, they’re worried


I let the phone ring and ring

Because I don’t know what to say

That I’ve had better days? 

That I’ve been feeling betrayed? 

I can’t explain it, because I don’t even know myself 

I’ve been trying to just go with the flow

The flow is catching speed and I still haven’t caught up

I’m still caged up in a certain mentality

I’m fighting to keep up with my reality 


Rearranging my moves 

Perfecting my thoughts 

Getting rid of old scraps

I’m working and crying

I’m laughing and trying

I hustle and I crumble


I’m human with a mind out of this world

Who was slowly losing her heart to a nature of cold

The phone rings and rings and I let it ring because I haven’t yet discovered myself and I don’t know what to say

Silent Words


Fear paralyzed me and I froze

I’m witnessing it and I can’t let go

We’re listening only to respond

We don’t want to set our focus on the words

So they flow into space, they flow into nothingness

We’re being told to hold back

But when you hold back you stay in the dark

Lack of exposing our expressions

Lack of expressing our emotions

It hurts my soul that people are hurting quietly

They’re stuck in a cycle of darkness and I can’t bring them light because they won’t express themselves

We are healers and we also need to be healed

It’s a connection that we share

But we are pulling away from each other because we’re encouraging each other to swallow our words

When we don’t release them, they shout in our bodies