Your soul has gone incognito because you keep feeding your alter ego

I’m scared to ask for explanations because I can sense a dangerous electricity

You never wanted to be genuine, your moods you wanted to complicate, you never settled with simplicity

You were intertwined with toxicity

I get it, having a polished soul requires a responsibility

You need to work on your productivity, but you can’t because you’re stuck and in love with hostility

Your soul has gone incognito because you keep feeding your alter ego

The only flexibility you have is second guessing your abilities

You’re awake but your soul isn’t participating in any activities

You never awakened your creativity

Your soul went incognito because you became a liability

Letting Go

letting go (2).png

Letting go
I don’t know
What it feels like
My feelings I want to release in open mic
Some many feelings bottled up
I have a feeling
In order to let go
My silence I need to break
I need to release all my aches
I won’t flake anymore
I get my pen and my journal, and I sit by the lake
There I sit and I write about all my heartbreaks and all the snakes
I write about the times I haven’t been awake, in a dark state
All the birthday wishes and the birthday cakes
Letting go of all the memories
They’re all I know, but not ones I enjoy
Barely brought me any joy, they would always seem to destroy
Letting go
I don’t know what it feels like
It’s so unlike me to let things go
but my memories dislike me
and they keep striking me
I need to stop them from ripping me and let them go


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Peace, serenity

looking out for the enemy

those who can’t agree to disagree

because to them they’re always right

if you don’t agree, they are putting up a fight

like we don’t have freedom of speech

my thoughts differ from yours

my sanity I’m trying to preserve

but sometimes I witness dark discoveries

I struggle to find beauty

I’m drowning in pain

so, I’ve created an illusion

looking for a sacred conclusion

I’m reading vibrations

not everyone wants to go to paradise

but that’s a personal choice

it’s not your choice to make

if you want to go

don’t try to convince others to go

make sure you are eligible to go


I appreciate your ancient soul

you’re so soulful

you make me feel so joyful and hopeful

two feelings I thought I would never experience

I admire whoever brought you into existence

I’m so serious about this experience

when I see you, I don’t know how to act

so I act delirious

your eyes are so mysterious

your vibe is an art of brilliance


You can hurt me

tell me lies

you can bruise me

but you can never hate me

there’s no reason

I treated you right every season

I tamed all your demons

you think I triggered them

truth is I controlled them

once I was gone

they grew

do you not see

I planted your seeds

your focus was elsewhere so you didn’t see

I built it

you killed it

you blamed me, always trying to frame me

but we both know without me

your flames are shame

I tried to help you

you withheld

but somehow never forgot how to yell

you thought you had me under some sort of spell

but little did you know I was the fucking spell

Summer Evenings


Summer evenings
I’m home alone
tears streaming
I think this is how you heal
I need to find a better way to deal
you tell me you love
and treat me like you hate me
abrupt contradictions
inexplicable drunkenness of emotions
summer evenings
everyone is enjoying the beautiful day
while I’m wishing for the day to end
to go to sleep, and not feel, tired of this healing process
the thought of you promising me love
but never allowing me to access your heart
left me in a tempered glass
watching it all, but never feeling touching
never coming close
summer evenings come and go
and I still haven’t learned to let go



You never wanted anything serious

that’s why you always acted so damn mysterious

but you fell in love with her pretty little waist

you knew she was a good girl but her time you still wanted to waste

you could’ve replaced her quick

before you made her sick

you could’ve picked someone with the same goal as you

but you knew

and you still sat there and watched as her feelings grew

her feelings you withdrew

always telling her she was beautiful while you were alone with her, on replay

but behind her back made fun of her and called her cliche

told your boys you weren’t going to stay

you were only here to play

she was only a display

treated her a certain way

then when you’re ready for love

you wonder why there’s a delay

Reasonable Excuse

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Let it be a reasonable excuse

as to why you introduced lies to me

why you produced all this pain in me

you reduced my thoughts

your words felt like an abuse

you tightened up your words

but your actions felt loose

as if I was some sort of goose

I was trying to reproduce love in you

But you acted like a jerk

you diffused my hard work

which was hard to build

it required certain skills

which you lacked

your only form of communication was to attack

everything I packed

you unpacked

it became hard to track

floating thoughts disappeared into space

As I realized I walked into a disgrace

Dull Moment

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Solitude penetrated at the wrong time

circumstances took a toll

tears printed in the corners of his perfectly big eyes

he is hurting inside

bowing his head down

his heart is up in flames

he feels so much shame

of the man he became

he wishes she came

his mind currently incomprehensible

he misses her touch so much

his feelings are currently struck

he feels like he is stuck, he lost his luck

he blames himself

he promised her infinite love

now he feels shoved

in a shrinking state

it became an everyday obstacle

he can’t get it through his skull

why he feels so dull

he now knows he loves her

but she didn’t stick around to wait

and it was too late

In Lotus Pose

in lotus pose

Sick of his shit

she sits there and licks her soft lips

trying to voice her thoughts

she wants him to specify

why he became so dry

purposely made her cry

why he seemed more interested in her thighs

she has a reliable soul

she keeps it cool but sometimes the pain is undeniable

such a lovable soul

but instead of loving it, you wanted control

to take her whole and dig her in a hole

you have love at home

but you’re out in the streets loving the poles

she took a poll

everyone voted that you didn’t love her

everyone began to notice, the way you denied her

she sits in lotus pose

surrounded by cycles of breath

wondering if this love has come to its death