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I’m not sure if you’ll love me eternal but please love me internal

Love me in the light and love me nocturnal

I need straight lines, please don’t make me go in circles

Whether you accept or deny this love referral, please be straight up, be verbal

Love me in the shadows and love me universal

Love me in Heaven and love me infernal

Tell me how you feel so I can write it in my journal

I’m not sure if you’ll love me eternal, but please love me internal and love me external


I appreciate your ancient soul

you’re so soulful

you make me feel so joyful and hopeful

two feelings I thought I would never experience

I admire whoever brought you into existence

I’m so serious about this experience

when I see you, I don’t know how to act

so I act delirious

your eyes are so mysterious

your vibe is an art of brilliance


Translucent hallucinations

this feels better than reality

she recognizes herself

but she prefers her animated self

in a perfect world where there is no pain, she feels no hurt

her heart feels no cold

in the real time she is slowly intoxicating herself

in her dream world she gets an increase of soul

no roughness

just sweet affirmations

no sad scenes

just sweet passion

when she opens her eyes

she feels betrayed by her sight

murdered hallucinations