ridiculous willfulness

beautiful skillfulness

whole vividness

marvelous ambitiousness

limitless, sometimes there’s wickedness

sinfulness, suspiciousness

some days despicable, other days pure blissfulness



What was it that you used to tell her?

That she deserved better?

That from her clothes to her smile she was always a stellar

You stared at her eyes and knew this wasn’t an error

Had conversations for hours and praised her for being so clever

You wouldn’t mind this forever

However sometimes it scared you

But she was so such a stellar

You wouldn’t mind giving her your last umbrella

Even if you got soaked because this is something you hoped for

And that’s how you knew, your sky was always dark, and she brought it some color

Sick Coping Mechanism

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Sick coping mechanisms

Moping, because I sometimes can’t properly cope

I’m broken, but I’m also glowing

Soaking in tears but zoning in peace

Smoking my thoughts then throwing tantrums

Moaning, choking, floating

So many sick coping mechanisms

But it’s better than exploding

I’m loading my positivity

I’m voting and hoping that this time it stays

My tears are provoking me to stay in darkness

But I start smiling even if I’m just posing

When I stop joking, I’ll start growing

Horns & Halo


I have both Horns and Halo

But they completely ignore the Halo

I don’t feel like explaining, they’ll judge anyway

My soul is mellow but according to their assumptions I’m a volcano

They say they know me, I’m not sure how

I stay low, I’ve had my glow, but why do they need to know?

Whatever they think I am, I’m pretty sure I’m the opposite

But I won’t argue it nor let it affect me

While they’re acting suspiciously, I am reading reality

Making sure I’m always genuine in soul and I’m increasing my mentality

They’ll keep making their own scenarios and I’ll keep balancing my horns and my halo




*this pic is a pic of my tattoo 😀 *

Different Bridge Zones


You left me in a love bankruptcy

I’m left to cross the bridge alone

I thought you were the perfect fit

And then you switched, you began to twitch

I thought this was real but you were just a glitch

You loved me in silence, yelled in high pitch

I guess I’m left to cross the bridge alone

My mind you’ve blown, you set an unknown tone

You whispered you loved me but it was never shown

We were in the same place but never in the same zone

Rotating Backwards


I’ve been trying to move ahead

But my vibe was rotating backwards

I was trying to be the master

But my thoughts were the attackers

They held on to negativity like wrappers

It soon became a hazard

I need to move ahead, not backwards

I need to be my own master, and not a slacker

There are a few inward factors that controlled my mind like a hacker

Away from all the disasters, remaining upwards

I’m moving ahead, creating new chapters



Lately, I’ve been trying to escape

Everyday I thought about running away

Get lost in a parade, all I do is complain

I was going to suffocate, all those feelings you evacuated 

Each day you create new ideas for me to love, ones I embrace

My mind was full of mistakes, I was so afraid

New memories you create, ones I won’t debate 

You helped my mind stay in shape

You’re a hero without a cape

I was asleep and now I’m awake

I wanted to escape but because of you I’ll stay