For Nothing

Feed my soul’s curiosity 

Tell me…

Honestly, I need to know

Did I give you my love for nothing?

I sit in a corner pouting

I won’t lie, I’m hurting

All that trusting

And for what? For nothing

All this time I thought you felt something

I did not receive not even an apology

Looking for answers everywhere

Even turned to astrology

Did I call you mine for nothing?

All that blushing for nothing

I try to smile but I feel the tears coming

Feed my soul’s curiosity

Tell me…

All those times we were touching

All those times we were hugging

I try to smile but I feel my tears coming

Imaginary Love

Unwanted illusions 

Unrealistic conclusions

Causing so much confusion

My love for you has always been an amusement

You promised you’d love me, but you never proved it

I focus on your energy’s vibration

It only aligns with mine on certain occasions

I tell you to show me you love me, and you show me nothing but frustration

I don’t remember us having genuine conversations

This love only exists in my imagination

Wishful thinking

Alone I sit drinking

I watch my thoughts slowly sinking

As my love for you starts shrinking

Lovesick ghost

Lovesick ghost
Tell them who is the one who loves you the most
All this time you should’ve been taking notes
You’ve had many visitors, but I am the host
Love, sick, ghost
Do I stick with it? Do I let you go?
I loved you, but your love made me sick
It was either love me or leave me, but you never picked
You were so silent it almost felt like I was dating a ghost
Sick ghost love
You never loved me up-close
And that really blows
You acted like I was against you, but I only made you glow
A ghost sick of love
Praying for the one from above
I should’ve taken action but I froze
The love I consumed, had a very high dose
You swear that you love me but that’s not what you showed


I close my eyes and I get flashes
Messed up and happy flashbacks, setbacks
Remembering the times, you used to lash back
My heart feels like it’s soon turning into ashes
Because it felt like I was missing all my chances
Soaked eyelashes, my wounds covered with patches
Fighting strong for your compassion
Saw me crying and never took action, classic
Can’t blame my heart for turning into ashes
I needed your fire, you denied you had matches
Fighting hard for your compassion, almost led me to a casket



You were the one who told me I deserved better

That if it didn’t work out with you I should still find better

But anytime you miss me, you call me and tell me you’re trying to kiss me

But you only miss me for profit

Many times you confirmed your soul is genuine but you can’t even be honest

I ask you how often you miss me and you respond often

Want to love me in June and disappear in August 

You say you miss my face but I know you really miss my body

That’s when you become a nobody 

You’re fooling everybody

But I know it’s for profit

Those secrets need to come out of the closet

Main Component

thumbnail (4).png

Magnifying moments

You have talent in being a showman

My glorious moments, you’ve stolen

I wanted a role, but I was never chosen 

You never cared to see that my mind is golden

I was hoping you would notice

But you never provided your focus

You were never with me in the moment 

You always acted like my opponent

And every time I felt like crying, you were the main component 

If I was a kid again

thumbnail (2).png

If I was a kid again

I would tell you to treat her different

I don’t like the way you treated her

I advised her to leave you every day

Told her not to worry about me

I was a child back then

But anyone knew, it was easy to see


The way you were treating her

I felt like you were beating her

But you weren’t even touching her

Your words were power to her

But always powerless to me

You didn’t tell her you loved her

Never brought her flowers

Rare occasions did I see you speak to her


If I was a kid again I would advise you to treat her better

Even though I just wanted you to leave her

So I wouldn’t see her hurt anymore

Over and over I advised her to leave you

But she loved you

She told everyone she was with you because of me

But every night I would tell her she deserved better

And that wasn’t you

I was good, I always knew

She never was and it’s your fault


If I was a kid again I would tell you to treat her better

I now pay for the damage you created

The same way you treated her, she now treats me

Rarely do I see her smile

She says she doesn’t love you but I don’t believe her

If I was a kid again I would tell you to treat her better

And maybe she would be happy and be treating me better

And maybe I wouldn’t hate you

Never Explicit


I’m thinking about you every other minute

I might be crossing the limit

You tell me you’re here to stay but this is only a visit, I feel it in my spirit

Your thoughts are so confusing

Yet mine are so explicit

Your confusion inhibits my growth

You lied under oath

You promised many times it was under control

Told me to just go with the flow

What a joke

You didn’t know your limit

You promised this was more than a visit

Told me to trust you with my spirit

But your words were never explicit

Reflection before Infection

Reflection before infection.png

My mind is brightened

And then it gets darkened by an invasion

All these random thoughts came without an invitation, they called themselves depression

They begin to move my energy in a different direction

Completely ignoring my suggestions

Then it begins to enjoy the rejections, all the aggression

I start obsessing on my imperfections

Completely ignoring my precious connection to my state of mind to Heaven

What once was special it’s now a deception

My mind is in a deep detention concentration

It’s a challenge to hunt for the corrections

It takes a huge amount of attention on reflection

You must put your faith in your protection

You must make corrections and travel to the next dimension

Before it becomes a weapon and spreads like an infection

Nowhere to run


Nowhere to run

There is an external magnet holding me back

I tried connecting with you spiritually

You only wanted me sexually

After you, my heart is protected with rendered walls

It keeps my heart from becoming radiant

It’s stopping my mind from the awakened

Enigmatic secrets that you left

I question them on a daily

And I get no replies

The dosage of you I took is too high

I keep hoping truth would defend me

But sometimes it’s against me