It’s a matter of perspective

if you don’t agree you can at least respect it

that doesn’t mean you have to accept it

it doesn’t even have to affect you 

Some people say cruel words and then they regret it

their pride wont let them apologize, so they forget it

then they get upset when you protest it

It’s a matter of mindset

How happy are you and how depressed

how often do you get upset

We want to believe but we always suspect

Are you taking care of yourself or do you appear unkempt

Can you always blame us? we have promises unkept

It’s a matter of perspective

If you don’t agree you can at least respect it

that doesn’t mean you have to accept it

Control of Destiny


Surprisingly I’ve managed to keep my character placid 

even though my heart feels like it’s being dripped in acid

it’s received so many beats

I once thought it would turn into ashes

Many times I thought my heart wouldn’t be able to take it and it would lead me into a casket

I’ve been tapping into my senses

checking my tone and commitment to remain afloat 

I’m doing it alone and trying it to keep it under control

If I don’t take notes of it, my mind will explode

Reading positive quotes

don’t want any bad feelings to be provoked 

consuming interrupted remedy 

consuming the remedies heavily

to help me cope and remain steadily 

I’ve been searching for this recipe

I got tired of living so dreadfully

I don’t need anyone’s empathy 

I’m giving my heart a high feeling of ecstasy 

it’s been chemically intoxicated

I’m fighting for clarity endlessly 

I have control over my destiny

Sipping Champagne

Your flattery makes me feel vain

after I stop smiling, I still feel the same pain

that’s why I sit here and enjoy this champagne

I’m getting tipsy, I feel it in my veins

sober soul, drunken pain, I’m not really sure what emotion to process through my brain

I feel an electric wave go down my spine

one more sip, there was one, now I see two lines

now I see right through your lies

it’s funny how time flies, for a long time you lied while you stared into my eyes

I should get a dummy prize because I never realized

I was so unwise, you knew that and you still hypnotized me

your vibe I had already memorized

it was too late, I was mesmerized

sipping this champagne, thinking about all that pain, what a drain

my sight is full of color but when I think about you it goes plain

Converted Energy

Converted Energy (1).png

It took me a while to open up

it took me a while to find my voice

that’s why I feel so offended when people try to silence me, my mind you’ll never shut

I’m observing, I’m learning, & I’m speaking up

I’m standing up for what’s right and I’m never giving up

I’ll never again be silenced

it took me a long time to find my balance

it took me a while to repair the confidence that was once wrecked by injured souls

i’m no longer interested in secretly hurting

it’s the pain that gets you through

brave is not one who hides, brave is one who fights

I’ve been hurt many times, but getting through is what makes me grow

I took in a lot of bad energy and now I’m about to release a converted energy

I took it in negatively, consumed it, and spit it out positively


thumbnail (1).png

Peace, serenity

looking out for the enemy

those who can’t agree to disagree

because to them they’re always right

if you don’t agree, they are putting up a fight

like we don’t have freedom of speech

my thoughts differ from yours

my sanity I’m trying to preserve

but sometimes I witness dark discoveries

I struggle to find beauty

I’m drowning in pain

so, I’ve created an illusion

looking for a sacred conclusion

I’m reading vibrations

not everyone wants to go to paradise

but that’s a personal choice

it’s not your choice to make

if you want to go

don’t try to convince others to go

make sure you are eligible to go


look-to-the-stars.pngHe was never in that much pain
but she catastrophized her symptoms to make him stay
she made him think she would feel betrayed
she got tired of being slayed
she decided she would become the slayer
the roles switched and now she was the player
his time she wanted to waste
his actions she wanted to copy and paste
so he could feel
what it feels
the real tears
the feeling of not knowing how to deal
how long it takes to heal
the feeling is so unreal
it can have you missing meals
he used to call her dramatic
what a tragic
instead of making love to her, he made her panic
it was never climatic
never fantastic
never no magic
her feelings to him were always a catastrophe
and now he’s in a lonely phase
now he sits in agony

Loving Blindly


Sweet and sensual affirmations

he would whisper in her ear

to attract her

to attract her soul

despite his rebellious reason

she low key fell for it

humble dream, exquisite unreality

the atmosphere trembled

it was hard to breathe

her presence she was losing

to his selfish needs

inexperienced in peace

experienced in hell

at first it was hard to tell

judgment rapidly loses it’s ability when you fall in love

unfortunate soul

affecting victims

those who love blindly

feel the sword

Summer Evenings


Summer evenings
I’m home alone
tears streaming
I think this is how you heal
I need to find a better way to deal
you tell me you love
and treat me like you hate me
abrupt contradictions
inexplicable drunkenness of emotions
summer evenings
everyone is enjoying the beautiful day
while I’m wishing for the day to end
to go to sleep, and not feel, tired of this healing process
the thought of you promising me love
but never allowing me to access your heart
left me in a tempered glass
watching it all, but never feeling touching
never coming close
summer evenings come and go
and I still haven’t learned to let go

Time travel to yesterday


I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday you told me that you adored me
today I felt like I bored you
you just wanted to score me
I was pleading you for attention
I had better luck getting in another dimension
I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday my heart wasn’t feeling this tension
suffering from a sudden love suspension
My affection has been detached
My emotions have been dispatched
I need a love extension
did I forget to mention
I wish I could time travel to just yesterday
because just yesterday you were holding my hand
we made love in the sand
I guess I left this part unplanned
If I could time travel to yesterday I wouldn’t of met you



You never wanted anything serious

that’s why you always acted so damn mysterious

but you fell in love with her pretty little waist

you knew she was a good girl but her time you still wanted to waste

you could’ve replaced her quick

before you made her sick

you could’ve picked someone with the same goal as you

but you knew

and you still sat there and watched as her feelings grew

her feelings you withdrew

always telling her she was beautiful while you were alone with her, on replay

but behind her back made fun of her and called her cliche

told your boys you weren’t going to stay

you were only here to play

she was only a display

treated her a certain way

then when you’re ready for love

you wonder why there’s a delay