Short brown hair

I get to lay with you for a second and I run my fingers through your soft brown hair
I remember when we did this more often, you would stare into my eyes and I felt so alive
Now you barely speak to me, the connection is gone
Even when you mess up, I am the one that is wrong
We barely get along
As I run my fingers through your soft brown hair
You don’t even seem to care
It was once real, now this feeling is unfair
You’ve stopped me from becoming aware

Goodbye (food prompts)

I loved you every second of the day
You only loved me on taco Tuesdays
I carried all our weight, while you were too busy being afraid
You cook her 5 star meals, and I only get pizza
I’m trying to finish the puzzle but I have all the wrong pieces
My love decreases, my anger increases
I gave you all of me and you didn’t even give me half
You asked what’s for dinner, I order myself a burger
You crossed the line, this love you have murdered

How to summon a demon

How to summon a demon
It’s quite common to lose your freedom
When you’re tired of the pain and you turn evil
Your mind becomes so chaotic you need to go under treatment
How to summon a demon
When you don’t take care of yourself
When your mind and soul can’t come to an agreement
It starts to weaken everything you believed in
How to summon a demon
When you’re getting beaten every day by your own thoughts, can’t get anything across
When you’re hurting other people’s feelings for no reason
Sometimes we need it, but for the most part it’s best if you leave it sleeping