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I’m so dope, my mind wants to get sad, but nope

I cannot always sit around and mope

I have found better ways to cope

I was losing hope, but nope

I got up after every fall

I learned from my past but that’s not all

I no longer feel like feeling small

I broke down these freaking walls

From crawling, to walking to now flying

Every day I’m trying

They’re not always happy thoughts, sometimes I be crying 

Never so much though that I feel like dying, I’m lying 

But I keep praying and smiling

Supplying my mind with satisfaction and sometimes distractions

If I had to caption my life, I’ll tell you it’s under construction but I’m performing every transaction with passion



I can still smell her fragrance on your shirt

Do you have to be under surveillance? 

To stop the flirt

To stop the dirt

Supreme light of promises

That you would treat me like a Goddess 

That’s a modest thought 

But I don’t think it’s an honest one

Your lies would be flawless if you would keep them 

I was unaware I was a temp

You sold me exotic dreams

While smoking hemp

Told me no one ever loved you

I promised I was here to love you

How can I give you my trust?

When I don’t even know if it’s lust

I left and now you’re lonely

They’re all giving you sex

And running back to their ex

They’re all giving you sex

And expecting their checks

You’re giving them specs

And lost my respect

It’s cool for a while

Until you’re alone in your room

When they pay you no mind

And you’re craving my love

That I once provided

You decided

And now we’re divided

And it doesn’t even matter

Because it was always one-sided



I keep sharing all this unique energy, but they’ve become greedy and they’re not sharing

I’m giving, they’re consuming it, I get nothing in return, it’s not longer a rotation

I’m giving you life, you’re killing me

And if that’s what you want, that’s what you need to chase elsewhere

I’m done with feeling like I always need to win a race, I was never racing with y’all in the first place

Some are trying to compete with each other

I’m trying to compete with myself

And it has been my biggest challenge

I know I have talent, but when I am not balanced, I am severely damaged

To surround myself with people and give them my trust after having my trust broken so many times 

After hearing so many lies, swallowing some many BS lines

Or do I stick to myself because I don’t want to be involved in the noise

It’s a tough choice, sometimes they are the enemy and other times I am a bigger enemy to myself, possibly the worst

I was always worried about them, but now I am putting myself first

Say what you want, my energy is never forced

Sometimes I build this whole fantasy, because it makes me feel closer to sanity

Their actions shouldn’t influence me

I am my worst enemy, I’m also my own damn remedy

Helplessly or heavenly

Someday I’ll get it, I’m fighting myself endlessly 

Mental Outbreak

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And for a moment I thought you were giving me a break
But once again you’ve caused me a heartbreak
You are the reason for my heartaches
You’re the cause for my mental outbreaks
Running from you felt like I was running from an earthquake
I thought we were done with the nightmare and finally awake
But you were causing all these mental outbreaks
Your heart was fake, the aches were real
I never had a chance, I couldn’t beat the king snake



I’ll rise & I’ll shine

Vibe with me or vibe out

But proceed fearless, without doubts

If the fear consumes you, it will put you out

Walking into positivity, negativity is not allowed

If you feel it, don’t let it gain control

If it gains complete control, it will devour your soul

And no one will know because your story will be untold

Step out of the shadows, and watch the light unfold

Sometimes I consume it, but it’s never an overdose 

Sometimes alone, but never controlled

Grow some

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You called my phone

Tell me you need some time

You are working full-time

Your only free time is lunch time

And I sit there sipping my wine

Laughing at your pathetic excuse

You must think I’m just as confused

As the chick I saw you last night with

I’m sorry, did you not know that I knew? 

Your boy smith blew up my phone with pics

Then proceeded to ask me for flicks 

Texting me “forget him, he is with another chick”

I call your phone, she picks up

And you click

Tell me again how you don’t have time

Tell me again why you said straight up lies

You’re not hurting me

You’re annoying me

How you can’t be straight up

How you can’t grow some balls

To Whom It May Concern


To your threats I am immune

We’re in tune in the mornings and it decreases by the afternoon

If you want to leave, believe me, I won’t stop you, you’ve deceived me too many times

Too many times you’ve crossed the line

Too many times your vibe tried to give me signs

If you want to stay, you can’t only love me on blue moons, when you aren’t feeling gloom 

To Whom It May Concern, because I’m not sure which of your personalities I am conversing with 

One minute you are your true self and the next you have on a costume 

Too much of my energy you’ve consumed

So this I won’t resume 

You can assume whatever you want

I’ll process my loneliness in my room, away from you