I want you to melt for me

I want you to melt for me

This is not something I’ve dealt with before

I just saw you and I want more

I’m not sure what I’m feeling, but it’s hard to ignore

I want you to melt for me

This feeling is not even fair

But I can’t help to catch all your glares

And I can’t help it and I just stare

I want you to melt for me

Because when you’re around, everything feelings different

It’s a good difference, it’s quickly becoming an interest

Considering, I’m not sure what you’re doing to me

You get close and you start whispering

I want you to melt for me

Because I want you to feel what I feel

I’ll probably get hurt and must heal

But I must try, the feeling is surreal

All year round (VDAY)

Love me every day not only on Valentine’s Day

Love me in the dark

Love me in the light

Love me on full moons and love me on half moons

You’ve barely loved me, you still have room

To the little bit of love you give me, I am immune

Love me today, hate me in June

Putting up a show because it’s Valentine’s Day

But can you love me all year round?

Can you share your love without feeling drowned?

Can you genuinely love me without messing around?

Love me every day not only on Valentine’s Day

Love me in the dark

Love me in the light

But love me the most when I’m feeling down


Sometimes my mind is crowded, sometimes it’s so spacious

Sometimes my thoughts are cruel, but other times they are so gracious

The more positive I think, the more it gets contagious

In times of stress, I’ve learned to be patient

It’s been my hardest battle yet, I had no choice but to become courageous

It was either lose or find salvation

So many complications arrived, but I never gave in, I’m reaching greatness

I envisioned it for too long in my imagination, It’s time for initiation

Devils and Angels

The devil says “let me help you”

The angel says “I will help you”

It took me a while to learn the difference

I had to live through both experiences

One fed me bitterness and the other enlightened me

Sometimes paralyzed while they were whispering nothing but gibberish

Other times I fought until I made it through, I also learned resilience

The devil says “let me help you”

The angel says “I will help you”

I must say, I still learned from my suffering

And I still felt pain while getting help

Two opposites that completed me

While one was covering me in lies

The other made me feel alive

When my soul blooms

My soul blooms

As I sit quiet in my room

Meditating, chanting, praying

 Reacting to all my thoughts

All my memories fading, I’ve been so patient

My soul feels elevated

I guess I got tired of feeling degraded

So many negative vibes, people dressed up as Satan

I’ve been waiting

My thoughts were always racing

The bad energy for good energy I’m immediately trading

I’ve been training

It was hard work, but I’ve learned to keep my thoughts straightened

Between light and shadow

Between light and shadow

Sometimes I grow, sometimes I don’t know where I’m headed

Between dreams and reality

To get anxious or live carefree

I sip some black tea

Focus my mind on tree pose

Focused on my mind so I know where my qi flows

Between cons and pros

Sometimes I’m ecstatic and then I buy a black rose

Sometimes I’m conservative, other times I take off my clothes

I’m mostly awake but sometimes I doze

I’m not always balanced but I’m cautious of my dose

Grateful for my highs and awake during my lows

Check myself

I’ve been feeding my bad side lately; I need to check myself

It’s almost as if I’m being compelled, it’s not letting me excel

I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s been causing me to rebel

The influences are coming from the past, certain flashbacks, certain triggers

Sometimes my issues are small, and I make them bigger

Things are running smooth and I make them bitter

I make up all these possibilities and it’s messing up my smooth melodies

It shrinks my capabilities, I’m eating all this negativity

Shut in a mental disability, overreacting at stupidities, such hostilities

It’s not a probability, it’s a certainty

My main responsibility is to constantly check myself

Perfect Bliss

You get close, smoothly kiss my lips, you take me to a state of bliss

When you leave, is that feeling I miss

My feelings you never dismiss, you leave, and I miss your chocolate kiss, you leave and I exit that state of bliss

Don’t leave me, please

You touch me, I get goosebumps, my skin can’t resist

Give me a French kiss, give me a soul kiss, it doesn’t matter, just give me a kiss

You want to go gentle, but I tell you no, I insist

You want to take my clothes off, I assist

I want you to love me lightly with a dark twist

Love me weakly, love me with passion, it doesn’t matter your love takes me to a state of bliss

It’s because of you my bliss exists

My Sanity

I choose my sanity over everything

I’ve been fighting hard for it every second of the day

So many seconds questioning humanity

Sometimes I’m an introvert

I sit quiet & I observe

Sometimes what I witness is so absurd

Can’t reverse the memories

I stay reserved, hidden in my own universe

Sometimes I’m very outgoing

I make friends without knowing

They say they’re my friends, but that’s hardly what they’re showing

When I get too involved my self-doubt starts growing

I can’t find meaning in what they’re saying

Their thoughts and words are far from healthy

Conversations with no meaning

Always teaching, but don’t like learning

They don’t know how to, so they’re never healing

On my own

I was feeling the vibe

I felt every word, even when you said you’d be mine

I was so close to subscribe

I’m not sure if I make sense, it’s hard to describe

A hit from my pipe

So many swipes, no one was really my type

Asking where I was from and then mentioning all the stereotypes

I’m good alone

Let it be known

Alone I’ll still grow

My energy in rotation still flows

Whether or not you hit up my phone

I’ll always be at peace in my zone, on my own