For Nothing

Feed my soul’s curiosity 

Tell me…

Honestly, I need to know

Did I give you my love for nothing?

I sit in a corner pouting

I won’t lie, I’m hurting

All that trusting

And for what? For nothing

All this time I thought you felt something

I did not receive not even an apology

Looking for answers everywhere

Even turned to astrology

Did I call you mine for nothing?

All that blushing for nothing

I try to smile but I feel the tears coming

Feed my soul’s curiosity

Tell me…

All those times we were touching

All those times we were hugging

I try to smile but I feel my tears coming

Genuine Love

As soon as we met, I recognized your beautiful vibe

We barely exchanged words, yet I felt every single word

Something about you seems genuine

You might be the remedy I’ve been searching for

You stare at my eyes and you smile

Somehow I know there is no evil within you when I stare at your eyes

You promised you would love me and I believe you

My heart can no longer take pain, my eyes can no longer cry tears…

Please don’t hurt me

You get close and whisper sweet things in my ears

So far, I love what I’m hearing

I’m not asking you to fix me, I still meditate as I heal

I’m asking you to love me with all my defects

Sit with me and reflect why this feels so correct 

Don’t promise you’ll love me, if you will neglect

Fix me

Hold my hands, I’ve been hurt

With you I try to flirt

But it just brings up past experiences, just a whole bunch of dirt

It makes me think about all the times they tried to get under my skirt

But that’s not the worst part, my patience is running short

All I ever wanted was love, but all they did was play with my heart

And even like that I never gave up, torn but hoping for a new start

Love me entirely, part by part, admire my beauty like fine art

Hold my hands, I need your support

I’m an introvert, because I always get hurt…

They promise to love me and then fall short

I’m counting on you as my last resort



What was it that you used to tell her?

That she deserved better?

That from her clothes to her smile she was always a stellar

You stared at her eyes and knew this wasn’t an error

Had conversations for hours and praised her for being so clever

You wouldn’t mind this forever

However sometimes it scared you

But she was so such a stellar

You wouldn’t mind giving her your last umbrella

Even if you got soaked because this is something you hoped for

And that’s how you knew, your sky was always dark, and she brought it some color

My Salvation

thumbnail (1).png

My mind was in constant isolation

And you adjusted that

You might be the reason for my salvation

You provided sustainable formulas

I used them as tools, making sure they weren’t cruel

I’m not trying to be a fool

Once again, I’m tired of catching the blame

Again and again, the same drain, the same pain

But you might be my salvation

You make me feel sane, you make me feel Zen

I want to open the doorway to you but I’m afraid

I’m so tired of leaving it closed

Because so many time it’s been exposed

For a long time that door has been locked

A cloud of doubt kept it blocked

My heart slowly dropped but when you came around it quickly stopped

You might be my salvation

You made it in my heart, congratulations

Your consent


I want to touch you but I need your consent

With me you can vent, you shared your ideas and I knew what you meant

The context you provided was enough, it made me content

Your personality is so sweet and so is your scent

You are perfect, all the way from your vibe to your accent

Your sweet aura I can accept 

I’m not going to pretend, your soul I respect

Your mindset I comprehend

This feels right, this is correct

I want to love you but I need your consent