Self-Care benefits

-Self- Care benefits-

In a world so crazy and so fast paced I cannot stress enough how important self care is! We live such busy lives that we forget how important it is to take care of ourselves. Stress can take a huge toll on us. It can affect us emotionally and physicallyWe must take time to nourish our mind, body and soul. When you take care of yourself not only do you cope better and perform daily activities better but you also feel better and have a more clear mind and direction to get things done successfully.

Meditation– taking the time to center yourself even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. It will give you a more clear mind, you can become aware of your thought patterns, reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness! And SO MANY MORE benefits! You can start with even 2 minutes a day and keep adding more time as the day goes by.

Some of the benefits of meditation:

-May control anxiety

-May decrease blood pressure

-May enhances self-awareness

-May improves sleep

-May generate compassion/ kindness

-May improve attention span

-May change your perspective for better

Brings you close to your spirituality/ higher power (whatever that means to you)

Make you more alert

You become more aware of your thoughts, mood, emotions

-You learn to listen to your body

You learn how to not allow the external energy cloud your inner peace

Learn to discipline your mind

Learn to take a few moments for yourself and enjoy the serenity

Exercise– making sure that we are getting enough exercise so that we have energy and possibly even prevent some injury and diseases.

Some of the benefits of exercise:

-May reduce pain

-May help you sleep

-May reduce risks of chronic disease

-Increases Energy

-Benefits bones and muscles (strengthens muscles)

-Helps with weight loss or enhance muscle size

-Improves self-esteem

-Makes you happier

-May improve sleep

Nutrition– Making sure we are feeding our bodies the proper nutrition to absorb and use as energy. The qualify of food we eat have a huge impact on our energy. Food provides us energy.

Some of the benefits of nutrition:

-Boosts Energy

-Improves mood

-Improves memory

-Improves gut health

-Get a better sleep

-Improves bones and teeth health

-Improves heart health

-Manages diabetes

-Controls (or lose) weight or helps you gain health weight

-Improves longevity

Writing in a journal– Writing down our feelings or maybe speaking to some can help us release emotions. It can also help us notice our thought patterns.

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Some of the benefits of writing in a journal:

-Enhance sense of being

-May reduce depression symptoms

– May improve memory

-May boost mood

-May improve anxiety

-Enhances self-awareness

-Calms and clears the mind

-Let go of negative thoughts/Release tensed up energy

-Explore your thoughts and emotions

-Improves cognitive behavior

-Changes your perspective on things

-You can plan your outcomes better, laying out your options

-Increases Optimism

-Become more open minded

-Enhances creativity

I will go into details about each one and blog about each one of these separately in future posts, including other self care practices and their benefits like massage, yoga, breathing exercises and so much more! Stay tuned!
Click link below for to practice some breathing exercises

Breathing Exercises

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