How to make a vision board

What you need

  • Magazines you can cut up
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Tape
  • A display board
  • or Construction paper should also do the trick
  • A marker – in case you cannot find what you’re looking for

Before you even start cutting anything from the magazines, think about what you genuinely want to attract. If it is a house, look for a house when turning the pages of the magazine, if you want a car, look for a car. It does not have to be the same exact item that you want, but something similar. Because if you look for the same exact item, you might not find any. (Unless you have a printer). For example, if you want a red car but only find a blue one. Cut it out! It is the thought of you wanting the car, not the actual car on your board. If you have a printer… you can search the same exact car you want and print and paste it on your board. But many of us do not have printers so anything close to what you want should work. Anytime you look at the car on your vision board, whether it is the same exact car you want or not, the car you do want will come to mind. Hey, you can even be creative and color it in with a marker. If you have a printer, print it out.

And here is a thought: Do you know how to draw?! You can also draw the stuff you want to put on your vision board.

If you have a printer and do not find what you are looking for in the magazines. Print it. I do not have a printer myself, so I try to get a little creative with the magazines. It is like a low-key therapy for me and it puts me in a better mood.

Do you want love or a family? You can cut random families you see in the magazines (it’s the thought of what you want), if you don’t want random people on your board what helps me is looking for quotes and words. So instead of putting up a couple or a family, I would look for words like “family” or “love”.

If you do not have access to a display board, you can just use construction paper and make mini vision boards. I have a huge vision board, but I also have about four mini vision boards all with different goals on top of my desk. Sometimes I use old folders and glue the paper over the folder to have a hard cover vision board.

Construction paper
Construction Paper

If you make mini vision boards on construction paper, you want to specify your goals on each one. One can have a financial vision board, the other one can be about love, family, a house and so on. You can even make a short-term vision board and a long-term vision board.

If you wish to just make one huge vision board, use the display board. You can fit so many things on it!

You can even combine both! If you have access to both why not give some color to the display board and put the construction paper over the display board to make it more colorful, especially if the board is white.

And when you glue a whole bunch of stuff together it can look something like this. I apologize for not showing my full boards, I am very careful with my manifestations and other people’s energy. But I will show you guys a corner of one of my big vision board. I go to school for massage therapy and one of my goals is to open my own practice and this is the manifestation to that.

Once you are done with your vision board put it somewhere very visible! Where you can see it every single day with ease.

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I am giving my honest opinion, the reason why I make these posts is because I genuinely believe in them and they work for me. I do not want nor need anything in return. I just want to help people because it genuinely makes me feel good. It makes happy. But, just like everything else in life if you do it, you must believe it. Feel that it is already yours and you will obtain it. You must really believe it and want it. It is not greedy to want things; it is literally up to us to still attain what we want. Our thoughts are very powerful. If you can envision it, you can have it. So many people already do. Why can’t you? You can, but sometimes we stop ourselves. We are the only person who can stop ourselves. It does not matter who believes and who does not. If you keep believing in yourself, trust and believe that your world will literally change. I still have a long way to go myself, but it is very mind blowing to me when I see things happening that were on my board and that every single day I envisioned. I can talk about it all day, but you must do it for yourself. Do not wait for other people to believe in you, believing in yourself is enough. The right people will always follow. Sometimes we spend a lot of time doubting ourselves and we stay in that mood because that is all we think about. But when you change your thoughts to positive ones about yourself and stop the doubting, you feel better, you move better, you act and think better. Your insecurities are slowly dying. I know it is hard but how bad do you want it? Fight it. You really CAN do it!

If you have any comments or questions, please contact me.

You can also view my post of the Benefits of Vision Boards on the link below.



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