Benefits of Vision Boards

-Benefits of Vision Boards-

Being a huge believer of the law of attraction and even more after reading the secret (book) and watching the documentary on Netflix, I always used vision boards and so far, for me, they have been working!!

I am on my third one…one of them already came true, I got a new job (went to an interview, got home put the business card on my board and got an offer like 3 days later!), got accepted into the school I wanted to go to and got SUPER close to the income I had on my board. I have a big vision board on my wall for general long term goals that I want to accomplish in a few years from now and I recently just made a really small vision board with short term goals that I am trying to accomplish in the next year or two. Some of the stuff on my short term vision board that I literally just made is ALREADY starting to happen…

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Below are some of the wonderful benefits of making vision boards

  • It creates motivation (I mean think about it! Seeing the very things you want in life over and over, I don’t know about about you! but that definitely motivates me!) Especially when you put motivational quotes on your board. Are there any emotions that you feel when you stare at your board?

  • It makes your dream more realistic in your mind, therefore you know it’s possible. When you make something clear in your mind, it makes your mind feel like you have more chances of attaining it. If you ever have self-doubts, look at your board!

  • It gives you a really clear picture of what you want to accomplish in life. Think about it, when you jot down everything you want, you have all that visual right in front of you. It helps you see what you want in life and you may get ideas on how to start obtaining those things.

  • Creates better intention. Everything begins with our thoughts. In order for us to act on something or manifest something, we have to think about it and actually feel it.

  • Visualization and imagination makes us more creative.

  • It provides better focus. When you visualize something you want, you are improving your focus. By concentrating on your vision board you increase focus. There are many distractions nowadays, so it is crucial to keep your focus where it belongs, especially if you want to accomplish certain things.

  • Makes you more positive. Remember that our moods are highly influenced on our thoughts. When we visualize we also influence our moods. To see the things you want in life in front of you might inspire you and therefore make you feel happy and more positive.

  • Discover your true potential. You CAN do anything you set your mind to! you CAN do it! This type of thinking WILL get you really far in life. When you think sad thoughts, sad things happen to you. When you think happy things, not only do good things happen to you, but you FEEL better too.

I can actually keep going, but I’ll leave it at this…for now. Below are some very well known people who believe and use vision boards themselves.

Upon my research I discovered some famous people who practice vision boards and some of them include Oprah Winfrey (no surprise here), Beyonce, Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Katy Perry, Steve Harvey, Shay Mitchell, Cardi B, Tamara Housley, Kellan Lutz. And I am sure there are more, these are just a few.


YOU CAN DO IT! Just keep in mind that your faith in yourself plays a HUGE role, you can make all the boards you want, but you still have to visualizebelieve and FEEL IT!

*I’ll be going into more details about this topic in future posts! Stay tuned!*

Want to start now? Check my post on how to make a vision board in the link below:

Check out the “benefits of being grateful” – link below


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