Take off your mask

  Take off your mask when you talk to me
If you’re going to lie, walk right pass me
Sometimes you make it seem like talking to me is such a difficult task
But I am feeding you straight up facts
When you don’t understand something, you don’t even ask
You act like you’re under attack
You put on your mask; you’re scared to show me who you really are
So, you feed me lies
In the back of my mind, I know you weren’t really mine
So why stress it? Why try? I stare at your eyes and they’re blank
I tried to see your true self, but truth you lack
I’m taking my energy back
Tell me when you take off your mask, tell me when you cut off the slack



Her world used to be luminous
She never took it so serious
Numerous of times she experienced truthfulness but her lights dimmed when she discovered ruthlessness
Her world quickly became mysterious
Many times she thought she was delirious
She wanted to believe but what she saw around her was hideous
Not trying to be oblivious, she cares about the space she occupies in the universe, she enjoys the experience
Sometimes her lights are super bright, other times they dim down, she be having different periods
She jumps back quick from darkness, I guess you can thank resilience
And when the lights dim down, her soul shall remain luminous

I’m doing it

I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I’m doing it
Every time I want to stop, my head drops
I get stuck in a mental box, my thoughts get blocked
Trying to open new doors & everything is locked
I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I’m doing it
Sometimes I feel paralyzed, in those moments all I can do is fantasize
My voice is dead, I can’t vocalize
I’m going to lose if I don’t prioritize
I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I’m doing it
My thoughts I need to organize then summarize
I’m hypnotized, so mesmerized I’m horrified
I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I’m doing it
Stopping is never an option
My words are so silent, my photos don’t even have captions
The negative vibe is up for auction
Proceeding with caution, It’s time to take action

Too much of you

Too much of you and I become excessive
Too expressive
It’s quiet impressive, never have me second guessing
Straight to the point, never disappoints
Moments with you are never upsetting
They’re quiet the blessings, sometimes I absorb them as lessons
You listen, no yelling
I want to stop this but I’m letting it flow
I’m getting there, but I’m getting there slow
There’s no cons with you, only pros
With you I want to grow, together we can glow
Although, sometimes I’m not sure
But then I feel like you’re my cure
It’s just so pure
Our minds are still quiet immature, but our love is so mature

Clouded Vision

Worthy moments

Lasting an eternity

Stroked of expressions because you don’t fully express yourself

Moments with you are strong moments

Tempered concentration on your deep, beautiful eyes

They tell me a lot and tell me nothing at the same time

I can read you like a book, but my past experiences clouds those pages

I see your imperfections clear

But when my vision is unclear, they seem to be at distance

Sometimes your intentions are blurry

And other times they are super specific

You’re hitting me with subliminal messages

I’m good at reading but I guess I’ve crossed a limit

I believe you yet I’m always thinking suspiciously

I study all your strategies

I want it to be a reality

But in my head, it’s all tragedies

I think I broke him

Manipulating people’s minds, only saying his side of the story
He hurt me, I fell, got up & brushed it off
But when the tables turned, and it was my turn
I think I broke him
He is now choked, corrupted
Now ask him if he likes how it feels?
Tell him to show you his tears so that you know it is real
I think I broke him
In tears he is now soaked
He is missing his Glory, I’m sorry
Not really, ideally I also wanted an apology
But you acted up and you blamed astrology, psychology
You think you can psychologically mess me up, but I broke you
You hurt me for years and it only made me stronger
I hurt you one time and you crumbled
What was that that you mumbled?
The love was never humble because you only made me stumble
All you did was bring me trouble
But when the pain I caused you hurt you double, you now look at me all puzzled

On Repeat


Come here and take a seat

Let me greet you, it was nice to meet you

Some days you hurt me really badly and I couldn’t eat

I would get sad at the memories of you massaging my feet

But I also think about the days I needed you and you left me alone to hit the streets

Sometimes you were sweet, but they weren’t always nice treats

Sometimes it felt like you were trying to compete

Sometimes it seemed like you didn’t care and you weren’t discreet

My mind took a retreat

Can you take the heat?

Because I’m telling you on repeat

That I don’t need you to feel complete