Pain, drain, it’s really not worth it if there is nothing to gain

Your mind wants to listen to them, your mind you must train

In peace you need to remain

When you focus on them, pain is all that remains

Focusing on them will destroy your self-esteem and make them feel vain

Self-focus is hard to maintain

So focused on them, you step out of your lane

Everyone’s path is different, it’s never the same

They don’t have it easy just because on their side it doesn’t rain

Too many people

Too many people say they’re on your side, when you need their help, they don’t even try

Too many people say they try, when you are tied, they hide

The only times they show up is when you almost died

Other than that, they don’t care how many times you cried, their pride takes over, and away they slide

They want you to be there for them, but when you need them, the same rules aren’t applied

Too many people want second chances, but they won’t change unless they try to

Too many people say they are genuine, but their personalities can’t even be identified

You waste so much energy trying to please them but somehow they’re always dissatisfied

Too many people say they’re on your side, then they start acting strange, their actions become unspecified

When they need you, their kindness gets magnified, bring it up to them, and your words will get denied

Too many people ask me why I’m alone, my own vibe I don’t always have to verify

They lie and lie, I get high, close my eyes and I realize, they kept me paralyzed, I don’t need them to get into paradise


You gave all your love away

Gave it so hard, you barely have for me today

You ask me to stay, but never ask me if I’m feeling okay

Your actions don’t match what you say

I get your leftover love, it’s not even pleasant, not even when I’m sober

They took all of your love, you fell over, now I pay over and over

I give you most of my love, all you do is play

You don’t have love for me because with you they played

Instead of learning, that’s also what you portrayed

You’re stuck in a cycle playing these games, I’m breaking the cycle, and I’m leaving today

Roses and poison

Unopened, frozen, hoping for a token to life but still broken

She doesn’t always know what she wants but this is not what she had chosen

Wounds still open

Consuming poison in slow motion

When they try to play with her emotions, she opposes

Can’t mess with her mind, if in her mind there’s already an explosion

Full of emotions, while she tries to stay focused

No one listened to her when she was outspoken, now she remains unspoken

They don’t understand, but they messed up her whole motion

Unopened, frozen, hoping for a token to life but still broken

Hoping, the doors to negativity closing, her mind opens

She starts to enjoy the moment

Staying away from everyone that’s posing

One day they give you roses, the next they’re feeding you poison



They want nothing but sex

Can’t hold conversations

He can’t even recite the ABC’s in his head

He is thinking hard on how to get me to bed

I can see right through you

You leave me on read

My energy you misread

You want to get freaky and you randomly text “xxx”

Reciting all the lies, here we go with the flex

Talking about your checks…

Like that’s supposed to have a different mental effect

I know what you’re about to say next, I know your next actions step by step

But I’m the bad one if I do the same and follow your footsteps?

Now it’s considered and overstep?

I’ve been prep

The double standard, when I join the game, they want answers, I feel the anger

Texting me “xxx”, I leave it unread, unanswered, I die of laughter

Secret Romance

A secret romance

When they’re secretly together, they always reach climax

They want to be together but neither of them wants to take the chance

So, they stare at each other in secret and in front of others they just glance

He invites her out to dance, she accepts, they both go in a trance

They love each other but perhaps they’re scared

Their love is different, but it isn’t rare

They are both really aware, they really care

It’s so unfair

They can’t be together, it’s all a blur

They’re madly in love, but they aren’t sure how it occurred

A secret romance

They try to stop it and it just expands

They try to stop it because they don’t understand

They tried to stop it but their hearts had other commands

No matter how hard they try, the love won’t even collapse

They want to stop it but they don’t even know how it began


Per her mind’s request, she has to forget him

But per her heart’s request, she is not ready to let him go

Her mind is stressed

She loves him so much, she became obsessed

Even though he played too many games

Even though he cared more about her breasts

With her mind, he messed

Her thought patterns, he arrests

He shoots her soul, even with her bulletproof vest

When he leaves her, she doesn’t understand, thoughts spiral though her mind she cannot digest

Every time she sees him with a girl, she feels pressed

She calls him over, she begins to undress

He no longer wants her, not even as a guest

He helps her put on her dress

She confesses she is depressed

But she doesn’t comprehend that without him, her life would be blessed

Talk is cheap

The ones that go through it, barely talk about it and the ones that don’t, talk the most

Like they know the most about it

They argue with you without living through the experience

You went through it and it makes you delirious

Argue so much about it, you become oblivious

How can they argue it if they never felt the feeling in their core?

They’ve never witnessed it before?

How can they argue it if they don’t know what it’s like to be sore from that experience?

So much resilience, but not experienced

No longer chained

It took me a long time to break free

I was in a constant chain

It took me hard work to break from them

And you think you can come with new chains…

Look for the right answers in your brain, and explain…

What makes you think I’m going through that pain again, voluntarily?

Help me understand, I need clarity

One touch, one kiss, five words, and you think you can chain me, now I’m “yours”

I am mine, and to get to that, I went through a lot of therapy

You come with new chains, I’m supposed to allow it, apparently

You’re not even a priority

You’re not even a necessity

Listen to me carefully

Mentally, my only state is peacefully

I’m practicing that heavily

If you’re trying to block me

Make sure you’re ready mentally

I’m going full speed, carefully

For herself

Unstable but still able

Magnetic powerful vibe

Mysterious yet liberating

Animated hallucinations

Never scared of her expressions

Radiates her own mind

Taps into all of her senses

She tries, she tries hard

But not for anyone else

She does it for herself

Focused on her meditations

Brilliant spirit, never cruel

Sometimes frightened

But never ever stopping

Inspired by life

Ideal consciousness

She tries, she tries hard

But not for anyone else

She does it for herself