Intertwine Energy

Delicate heart, concrete mind
Soul and mind finally bind
They become one and they intertwined
It’s a massive power when they’re both combined
Elegant presence, neat alter ego
The feeling is so powerful, I can’t let go
When it’s time to be completely awakened, I’ll know, I’ll feel it in my bones
The bad energy dispersed, the good energy cloned
The energy scanning through my veins
I feel it healing every single day
The unknown pain that made me moan is gone and I remained strong
I corrected myself when wrong
It’s probably written in stone
Many times I’ll fall, but each time I’ll make it back up and go back on my throne



You treat me like you’re coldhearted
But I think deep down you’re kind-hearted
How can someone so wholehearted, good-hearted, treat me so stone-hearted
I get it, you don’t know how to show me love but you act so dead-hearted
I can help you relax, I got straight up facts
I am trying to help you but you only feel attacked
I’m full-hearted, great-hearted
All I ever wanted was for you to feel proud-hearted towards me
I’ve been trying for a long time to make peace with you
You never cared, you never even started


I feel so excessive every time I get expressive
Trying to stay calm but I get verbal
They triggered it but I responded
I should always keep myself controlled
I should always be the only one in control of myself
If you try to expose me, I’ll explode
But a better response is no response
I’m not threatened, I’m annoyed
You want to challenge my intelligence
So I’ll show you my recklessness
But I shouldn’t feed into it
I should remain in selfishness
Feed into cleverness instead
While you’re still caught up in it, I’ll be ahead


I’m ready

I’ve been feeling alone so I rely on my blunt, my lighter, a notepad and a pen
I’m ready
I’ve been losing my patience, it’s crazy
At some point I started to feel numb
Trying to vent to friends, they say they’re on their way and they never come

I feel alone, my sanity is in danger
My patience is as light as a feather
It wasn’t this hard when I was a teenager
I’m trying to go at the same speed of nature
They want me as an entertainer but when I need them, they act like strangers
I keep to myself as a reminder

Made up personalities because I needed friends
They were made up and still more genuine than them
Tried to share my space with what I thought was sincere and authentic
I gave them my all and they gave me nothing but lessons
I have my blunt, my lighter, a notepad and a pen
I’m ready…

Waiting for fall

I had summer depression
I was waiting for fall to grab my attention
As I watch the leaves hit the ground, I remember you’re no longer around
My mood is chill but when I think about you I have to calm down
I could be laughing but the second I think of you, I break down
My body shuts down
The rotation slows down
My mind was full of thoughts now it’s a ghost town
Everyone is speaking but I can’t hear a sound
I was waiting for fall to curl in my bed and cry
Remembering that you didn’t even try

Would you rather

Would you rather have me around?
I leave you alone while I gather my thoughts
Would you rather discover the truth?
Uncover lies? Or would you rather keep to yourself, put the lies back in the shelves
Seal them in books, I know you rather that I don’t look, you’re shook
Would you rather not have me around?
I tried to leave one time and in tears you almost drowned
Would you rather I leave town so that you tell everyone I let you down?
I know you’d rather I step down
Just because you didn’t treat me like a queen doesn’t mean I’m not
You thought you had me in a spellbound, so you missed the sight of my crown

Lovesick ghost

Lovesick ghost
Tell them who is the one who loves you the most
All this time you should’ve been taking notes
You’ve had many visitors, but I am the host
Love, sick, ghost
Do I stick with it? Do I let you go?
I loved you, but your love made me sick
It was either love me or leave me, but you never picked
You were so silent it almost felt like I was dating a ghost
Sick ghost love
You never loved me up-close
And that really blows
You acted like I was against you, but I only made you glow
A ghost sick of love
Praying for the one from above
I should’ve taken action but I froze
The love I consumed, had a very high dose
You swear that you love me but that’s not what you showed