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You think your microscopic lies would hurt

I think you lie because it helps you cope

but you’ve been losing hope

I once thought you were dope

but you keep tightening your own rope

all you do is sit there and mope

you act up and blame it on your horoscope

delighted? more like I feel ignited

my peace is about to catch flames

you’re making all these silly claims

I don’t even feel the same

this is what we became

played too many games

living in your dreams felt like an error

I lived in terror

Cancelled Subscription

Cancelled subscription.PNG

Be careful who you trust

Anyone will throw you under the bus

They fucked with you before

But when they’re about to win, you become dust

Like you never even discussed

You were just cool

And now they’re feeling fussed

It don’t matter if it wasn’t your fault

They blame you by default

You can choose if you’ll let it faze you

Or you can kick it back and maybe blaze

I’m not chasing anybody

I can go days without the fake gazes

I’m not participating in any races

I’m my only competition

Tired or the personality repetitions

The petty addictions

Them acting suspicious

They’re mentally imprisoned

We need a viral revision

What the fuck is the vision

Where the fuck are the ambitions

How the fuck do I cancel my subscription



I’m sorry you sometimes pay because of my triggers

I’m really trying to go days without feeling bitter

I swear you make my days feel sweeter

When I flip, it’s because of past slips

You give me the best mind trips

But I still have monsters in my closets

When I see you, I get nervous

So I put my hands in my pockets

I enjoy your energy deposits

I feel flawless around you

But once you leave, they still haunt me

I breathe and count to three

In hoping when I open my eyes they are no longer there

Sometimes they vanish

Sometimes they stick around

They make me feel drowned

Sometimes they leave a deep wound

Moments like these I need you around

Surrounded by your beautiful energy

I just saw you yesterday and miss you already

I can’t explain it

I stare at your eyes and I feel divine

But when you leave, I still stay and fight

And I’m left to cry with these ugly monsters

Please stay to sponsor my energy

Come share some of your energy

Come and change the script of this documentary



Damaged influences

composed the unknown

a magnetic force

anesthetic power

waiting for superpowers

some waiting for flowers

others climbing the top of the tower

vital prodigies

and imperceptibly anxious souls

requirements to equilibrium

some have null conscience

others have lines they’ve drawn

some are still servants to themselves


You can hurt me

tell me lies

you can bruise me

but you can never hate me

there’s no reason

I treated you right every season

I tamed all your demons

you think I triggered them

truth is I controlled them

once I was gone

they grew

do you not see

I planted your seeds

your focus was elsewhere so you didn’t see

I built it

you killed it

you blamed me, always trying to frame me

but we both know without me

your flames are shame

I tried to help you

you withheld

but somehow never forgot how to yell

you thought you had me under some sort of spell

but little did you know I was the fucking spell


Translucent hallucinations

this feels better than reality

she recognizes herself

but she prefers her animated self

in a perfect world where there is no pain, she feels no hurt

her heart feels no cold

in the real time she is slowly intoxicating herself

in her dream world she gets an increase of soul

no roughness

just sweet affirmations

no sad scenes

just sweet passion

when she opens her eyes

she feels betrayed by her sight

murdered hallucinations

Maybe June

Blue moon

full moon

it seems like you only love me on a full moon

I have to catch you on the right mood

when you’re in tune

I ask if you’re ready to love me and you tell me soon

maybe in June

I know I’m doomed

my flowers will never bloom

I need to react

but I’m immune

I’m stuck in gloom

when I think you’re ready I assume

and you blow up in fumes

I’ll wake up in June