Don’t wake the dragon

Don’t poke the dragon
You see it sleeping and you want to disturb it 
You want to awaken it, and when it attacks, you can’t curb it
It upsets you, you’re so caught up in blaming the dragon
 And you don’t realize that you awakened it
It was at peace and you disturbed it
Sometimes we get attacks and we deserve it
Be ready to put up a fight and reverse the damage
The buildup anger, now you get to witness all the roars the universe never heard
If you was curious you should’ve observed but you poked it



Transitioning into enlightenment
Positioning my mind upright
Conditioning my mind to properly cope
Auditioning for better life roles
Re-positioning and aligning myself
Distancing from all that does not serve me
Listening to motivational podcasts
Not going to front, sometimes I feel like an outcast
Constantly visiting my highest power
Signaling my vibe to charge entirely
Tickling sensations through my body as my energy circulates

Stillness, stiffens all the bad energy and it explodes
Stillness, thickens the positive energy and it grows
I learned that when I’m feeding into chaos, I limit all my sensors

I can’t move, only witness, it can lead me into some serious illness
Richness of good energy rejuvenates my body
Richness with a good heart, transitions my soul
A fit body, a still mind, they become one


I’m not stressing you, her or him
I’m not messing with you, her or him
I’m not doing it for you, her or him
I’m not fooling you, her or him

If it’s between you and me, I’m choosing me
Too much of me I gave and barely got anything in return
I’m going in full friction until it burns
What remains, I’ll use it on myself
You want my love? You’ll have to wait your turn
“She is focused on herself”, now she’s selfish
It’s called self-love, I’m loving myself first
I’ll love y’all later when it’s y’all turn
I’m turning cold. Never

I’m just tired of sharing all my energy on souls that don’t deserve it
I had a lot more to share, but I ate it
I thought I would love myself better by loving others
But I’ll learn to love y’all when I love myself

It’s a balance but y’all never wanted to manage
I’m not stressing you, her, or him
I’m not messing with you, her or him
I’m not doing it for you, her or him
I’m not fooling you, her or him

Just Chill

My speed of bad behavior has increased
I need to keep reminding myself to chill
Sometimes I have no control, other times I do it for the thrill
There are days where I’d enjoy it, but it always goes downhill
I slowly instilled ill will in me
I was losing my good will
I had murdered my free will
I was feeding my soul suicide pills
I allowed others to chain me
They locked me up in emotion, and swallowed the key
This is why I wouldn’t succeed, they should have never had a key
They took advantage and left me a very big fee
I was worried about the guarantee of them letting me free, upset they wouldn’t see me
I remember, get upset, then I once again remember to chill
They have no control over my mindset
They left me an unpleasant debt, yet it isn’t a threat
I’ll free myself from bad debt

Hiding something behind that smile

I really love your style but sometimes I think you’re hiding something behind that smile
Should we try? Sign up for a trial?
When I get lonely your number, I dial
You want to know when was the last I trusted someone? It’s been a while
I love being around you because the vibe is never hostile
With our love we can write a romantic novel
Or it can become a horror story, all the feelings get bottled
When we get into a fight, my mind wants to travel
You’re a sweetheart when you’re smiling
But when the smile goes away, I can feel the heat from the lava

How to summon a demon

How to summon a demon
It’s quite common to lose your freedom
When you’re tired of the pain and you turn evil
Your mind becomes so chaotic you need to go under treatment
How to summon a demon
When you don’t take care of yourself
When your mind and soul can’t come to an agreement
It starts to weaken everything you believed in
How to summon a demon
When you’re getting beaten every day by your own thoughts, can’t get anything across
When you’re hurting other people’s feelings for no reason
Sometimes we need it, but for the most part it’s best if you leave it sleeping

Gaslighting me

You’re gaslighting me
Ever since you began, I’ve been trying to find myself
It’s a little difficult when you keep readjusting my focus
I tried to be happy and you often made me feel broken
I would be happy, and you change my mood like hocus pocus
At times it felt hopeless
I know you have diagnoses, but you deny them
I used to think maybe you were in hypnosis
But you’re just a hostess of an atrocious mind
I think about us getting along every time I’m smoking; I just want us to get along
And my mind is in a dangerous place because when it’s tired of pain it becomes very explosive