Holiday Specials

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These poems are not really related to the actual Holidays but they’re poems I write for these specific days. Just for fun & to challenge myself. Enjoy ❤

September 2, 2019 (Labor Day)

I appreciate your art and your labor

You work hard to keep us in good favor

One taste of you, I swear you’re the perfect flavor

My tickets of love are expensive, but you get a waiver

To you I’ll surrender

You take me to a good place; the air feels so tender

To my mind, you’re a translator

To my heart, you’re an invader

I appreciate your behavior and your labor

You’ve worked hard to make us greater

With you I feel safer, you’re my defender

July 4, 2019 (Independence Day)IMG_8521

I’m not sure how your mind works

you stare at me and you smirk

we sit in the patio to watch the fireworks

I’m admiring your face like an artwork

you begin to play music and then you show me your footwork

sometimes you’re a jerk

you’re a piece of work

one I like to lurk

you taught me a lot of stuff

you have a lot of perks

you tell me how you feel and I don’t have to guess like detective work

let me give you a massage and give you a bodywork

while we watch the fireworks

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