Fix me

Hold my hands, I’ve been hurt

With you I try to flirt

But it just brings up past experiences, just a whole bunch of dirt

It makes me think about all the times they tried to get under my skirt

But that’s not the worst part, my patience is running short

All I ever wanted was love, but all they did was play with my heart

And even like that I never gave up, torn but hoping for a new start

Love me entirely, part by part, admire my beauty like fine art

Hold my hands, I need your support

I’m an introvert, because I always get hurt…

They promise to love me and then fall short

I’m counting on you as my last resort

Bad Habit

You’re a bad habit that I would love to consume

You’re no good for me, I assume

I want to get away, but you refuse

Your plan is to seduce

My mind is at battle with my heart, I’m so confused

You’re a bad habit that I would love to consume

I might get used, you might leave me in solitude, but I still execute

These feelings I want to remove, I try and they just renew

To your bad habits I am immune, I’m hurt and you’re amused

I want to love you, but you only love me in the bedroom


Short-sighted, but still frightened

To stick together or start a riot

We all pretend to get along, in chaos we become divided

No love provided, the interest is one-sided

The balance lopsided

What happened to sticking together and being united?

The feelings are uninvited, unexcited

Fighting together we would’ve made it further, guided

But how can we make it ahead with most people feeling spiteful?


I panic, the energy feels satanic

It freezes up the magic

I want to gravitate mentally to a different planet

Hide in the woods in a cabin, until it’s gone, until I can manage

Until it is vanished, so much static in my mind, anxiety heightens automatic

Stuck in tragic, so much mental traffic, reliving all bad habits

I close my eyes and I breathe

I start to feel the energy growing within

I Meditate, let the bad energy disappear

Meditate on all my fears

I change my mind to change my atmosphere

I wipe my tears, as my mind clears

Love me at all times

You love me by time

You hug me and kiss me in the night

But by dawn you misbehave again

You only love me in secret

Funny how you thought you were my weakness

So, you never treated me equal

While I always gave you the same treatment

Made love to me in the night

But by dawn you want to put up a fight

Long time ago you used to excite me

Now you don’t know how to talk to me without mistreatment

Sometimes I felt so much pain It almost made me insane

I closed my eyes and prayed again and again

I prayed until the positive energy remained

From this experience, a lot of lessons I gained

You hug me and kiss me in the night

But by dawn you misbehave again

In your mind, you’ve won and succeeded

But I’m not stopping until you’re defeated

You’re different

You hold my hand and escort me to your room

Kiss my lips gently while you caress my hands

Pull the scrunchie out of my hair, now you’re running your fingers through my soft, brown hair

I was fighting it, but I gave in

Your kisses are some sort of spell

Your caresses feel like magic

You lay me on your bed and massage my feet

Make your way up and you’re now massaging my neck, I feel your gentle kisses

Slowly, you take off my clothes, I almost resist, but instead I assist

You take off your clothes and lay next to me

You stare at my eyes and you smile

Nervously I wait, but instead of making love to me…

You lean in and whisper “I love you”


In one million pieces my heart you sliced

You patched it up and told me I’ll be alright

What you never understood is that you left really deep scars

And when I needed you most, you were always so far

And alone I would go out and weep while I stared at the stars

I had to find a way to escape this unpleasant experience

Doubting your love so much was making me delirious

You began showing me your negative vibe and it was hideous

You fed me so much lies I became oblivious

Little by little my sanity you killed, it was so hard to rebuild

In love you are extremely unskilled

Your lies and dark energy overspill

The times you got angry, I got chills

I understood this wasn’t the thrill I wanted to feel

I closed my eyes and I stayed still, I let you go before I got ill



Just wanted to take the moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading my poetry. Truth is, I wouldn’t be posting every day if I did’t have the support. Today I am feeling extra grateful and I simply just want to say THANK YOU! I am genuinely happy that people can relate to my poems. I am also genuinely grateful for the people that take the time to read them. Poetry for me is a form of therapy, it clears my mind. It makes me happy knowing that other people also share the same pain and joy as me.

Special thanks for those who have also been visiting THE MOMMY WRITERS and YOUR SUPER MOM (self-care site).



Shelter my heart

Shelter my heart

Promise me you’ll keep it safe

For what it’s worth

It’s already been destroyed

Secrete the poison and then promise you’ll be loyal

Don’t disappoint me, I’ve already been through enough betrayal

When I’m with you, all my pain gets disabled

My vibe becomes extremely playful, kiss my lips and then we can get naked

One touch from you and I’m no longer thinking of painful memories

My energy is stable, I might be stuck in denial, but I’m never ungrateful

Shelter my heart and silence all the chaos in my mind

For a long time, these feelings I declined, I was scared you would be unkind

But you’ve done the opposite, my energy you aligned

Slowly take off our clothes and then explore each other’s masterminds

Cold Nights

Full moon on a cold night

I think of you, I’m no longer alright

It’s you again that keeps me up

It’s a silent night

I have to fight my thoughts

I don’t want to think of you tonight, I need a break

I close my eyes, I see your face and you apologize

Only if you were really here, I would be paralyzed

A touch from you would send me to paradise

Full moon on a cold night

I think of you, I’m no longer alright

You’re not here and I still feel the butterflies

You smile at me and sing me lullabies

One kiss from you, I’m satisfied

Terrified of what I’m feeling inside

I miss you only in my dreams, in disguise

You hit up my phone and I don’t reply