Confused, but I refuse to stay in limbo
The doors are locked, but there must be a window
Different types of energy hitting me at different speed coming from all different directions
They hit me in the chest, I feel the force
I’m trying to find the main source
I’m allowing them to enter, weakening me, sickening me, but it was my fault, of course
I’m in so much pain and they don’t feel the remorse
If I ignore it, it gets worse
If I don’t cleanse my soul, I’ll fall into a curse

Better by error

I’m doing better by error
I’m going well under pressure
Every time my mind is at peace, I feel like a successor
I made it out of hell alive, I feel so clever
To do better in life is indeed my pleasure
If you want to join me, we got it together
I’m trying to keep it together even when I am feeling under the weather
The good vibe is so enormous, it’s hard to measure
I get upset, I break down, get back up, I take the lesson as a refresher
Eliminating my bad thoughts, they are the aggressors
I need to make it out alive altogether


Why do you have scars there?
Is that from the war you battle every single day in your head?
Don’t be ashamed, you’re a star
I know it’s hard, sometimes I want to get drunk in a bar
I don’t smoke and I want a cigar
I walk in the subway, I see lonely people playing guitars
I know it’s hard, you’re not alone
We all have scars
My mind is so chaotic I want to take a trip to mars, never come back
But this is where we’re meant to be
Will you fight it or let it be?
Hold on tight, this is something we will defeat

Nobody noticed

Nobody noticed…
Nobody noticed that I was broken
I was under hypnosis
Transitioning into lotus, I’m attacking whichever negative thought is the closest
Devoted, before I become explosive

Nobody noticed…
Nobody noticed that I was losing my focus
Almost lost all my motives
I reached my lowest

Nobody noticed…
Nobody noticed there was a different hostess in my body
Changed up my whole story, I felt like a zombie
I was loaded with thoughts that chained me

Nobody noticed…
Nobody noticed until I gained control
Nobody noticed until I got it together
Nobody noticed until I started doing better
They say they’re there for you whenever, whatever

Tell Me

I trusted you and you left me

But I only trusted you after you said you would never leave me

Tell me, what do you gain with the lies that you tell me?

You leave, then come back because you can’t replace me

By the time you realize that you need me

I’ve already moved on and healed from your pain

Coming for mine

You are free to join me on my spiritual vibe
I’ve been trying to put all my problems to the side
I need to focus on the prize
Suddenly awakened, it’s a powerful moment
I had many doubts, and you were the main component
I’m charging all my energy and going against what doesn’t serve me
My elements are aligned
Challenges on my mind, fighting them every single night
Teaching myself to fight, I’m coming to get what’s mine

Away from you

Suspended the thoughts of being dependent on you
You’re reaching, my nerves you’ve extended
Long time ago this love ended because you always had evil vibes to attend to
Let’s not pretend the vibe is still alive, my heart you’ve offended
This was never intended by me; you had all the fault in this
I tried, many times I defended you
All you did was invent lies and pretend, you’re such an amazing actor
I no longer wanted to accept it
The disrespect you showed me, affected my mental state
It’s my fault because I let you enter
Why didn’t I detect earlier that your heart was infected?
I never neglected you, always protected you
I invested so much love in you, corrected all your wrongs
Meanwhile you pay me back by injecting lies through my veins
I’ve had enough I’m protesting
You had me in a mental arrest, always testing my patience
I’ve had enough, today I know where I’m headed