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Hello beautiful people 😊. I decided I wanted to share a little bit about my poetry. Some people have asked me if it’s all based on my experience. I believe it’s important to express your feelings. But not only am I expressing my feelings, I am also expressing what I see. Some of it is based on my experience and some of it is based on what I have seen others experience. I’ve always been one to bottle up feelings and it always led to an emotional disaster. I’ve become very observant of my mind and of those around me. I love to inspire others and I also enjoy when others can feel my pain or the pain or love that I am trying to communicate through words. It shows me that I am not the only one who experiences certain emotions and what I witness, other people also witness it or go through it themselves. When I can describe a scenario with words, no pictures, and people can envision it in their minds, it makes me happy. I’ve done my job in painting a picture with just words. I like to challenge myself and learn. I love to explore people’s mind and emotions. It feels good when others can relate. We all feel the same emotions in different ways, and we all express them in different ways. It is my therapy to release the energy I am absorbing, both good and bad. Both mine and others.  

Poetry is a form of expression and a form of healing.
It allows us to freely let our minds flow.
Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn’t.
Either way it’s a beautiful thing…
Because it came from the heart, it came from the soul.
You freed your thoughts and created art…
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