21-Day Self-Awareness Challenge (Free download)

If for some reason you cannot access any of the files, please contact me and I will gladly email you a copy in whichever format is available to you. Please contact me at

21- Day Self-Awareness Challenge

Hello! One of my passions is to genuinely help others so I put together a 21 Day Self-Awareness challenge to help those who are looking for some self-love and self-awareness. I know it is sometimes extremely hard to tune in, especially during difficult times like these (pandemic and all) so I wanted to make something that will help people take a moment each day to tune in. Please note there is absolutely no cost to this and I have made it available in PowerPoint, Word, and PDF and you can download it below. If for whatever reason you can not access any of these forms, please contact me and I will make something work for you! poeticglory@yahoo.com

Please note PDF works better on the phones and PowerPoint works better on PC.

21 Day Challenge PDF Download
21 Day Challenge PowerPoint Download
21 Day Challenge Word Download

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Let me know about your experiences… I genuinely want to know! I hope that you enjoy it and remember it’s okay to start over as many times as you want! Just don’t give up! I believe in you and so should you! You CAN do it! You CAN do anything you set your mind to! I genuinely hope you enjoy it! PDF works better on the phones and PowerPoint works better on PC.


Thank you! xoxo

Check out the preview of the first two days below:

When I made the challenge I tried to focus on different things each day. One day the focus might be gratitude, another day it might be to focus on the breath and so on. The point of this challenge is to become more in tune and aware of yourself, take a moment to tune in and be kind to yourself. No judgements. BE. KIND. TO. YOURSELF!

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