Mindful Poetry poetry

π’―π“‡π‘œπ“Šπ’·π“π‘’π’Ή 𝑀𝒾𝓃𝒹

My mind is trouble

When I focus on the pain, I feel it double

Yet, I still try to remain humble 

Despite all the struggle

I work so hard on a daily not to crumble

It’s a never-ending puzzle 

Wondering what it’s like on the other side of the tunnel

I’ve been trapped for too long in a bubble

The feeling is so real I even feel the tightness in my muscles

Plotting on how to escape 

How do I move on from all the mistakes? 

Desperately trying to replace all the evil with good but I’m constantly afraid

Therefore, it causes a delay

I suffocate on my own pain

I misbehave because of my own pain

Looking forward to the day where I am finally awake 

Looking forward to finding a crowd who can relate 

I know I am not insane

I am just drained and in pain

and not matter how sunny it is in my days it always rains

Hello! :) Welcome! My name is Glory, I am a mom to an AMAZING little man! I am a home-body, low key-nerd who loves feeding her soul with knowledge. I am super goofy and super genuine! I care a lot about others and I am very compassionate and understanding. I love to read/research, blog, and spend time with my son :) I barely watch tv but I enjoy comedy and anime. I'm usually a jolly person. My passions are health and poetry. I am currently a Massage therapy student. I teach yoga & I am also certified as a personal trainer. I want to help people improve their lives. One of my goals in life is to help others reach a sane place mentally and a healthy place physically. We need both intertwined to properly cope.

1 comment on “π’―π“‡π‘œπ“Šπ’·π“π‘’π’Ή 𝑀𝒾𝓃𝒹

  1. A relatable articulation of your plightβ€¦πŸ˜“ I hope things will pick up for you.
    May you be well
    May you be safe
    May you be compassionate (that includes to yourself)
    May you live with ease.πŸ™
    Thanks for that great write.πŸ™

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