My drawing journey

Quarantine did different things to diff people. I picked up a new hobby. For some reason I have always wanted to learn how to draw. One boring quarantine afternoon I remembered one drawing I did in HS, it was actually pretty nice and I remember thinking if I drew that before maybe I can try it again. It wasn’t anything from another world, but it was nice enough to impress the rest of my classmates and one of them went as far as saying I traced the drawing from the textbook and then felt quite stupid once she saw my drawing was way smaller than the one on the textbook. So anyway I tried… and I tried…and every day I started getting better and better. I have been drawing since April 2020, I have never done it before except that one drawing in HS. I am pretty impressed with my progress and I thought it would be cool to keep sharing my progress the same way I express my art already through poetry. I have many goals with this new hobby, but for now I am just taking it day by day. I was practicing almost daily, but life happens and I slowed down. I started picking up my pace again because there is no way I am losing the skills I have gained, I want to get better.

I am still practicing, but this is my last drawing, I did this yesterday 9/13/20

GAARA (drew this looking at an image from pinterest)

ps- drawing anime characters is really fun.

And if anyone is wondering what my first drawing from April looks like…welp (not sure what happened here! lol)

There you have it folks!! lol My first drawing (April)…I will definitely be showing more progress drawings.. I actually saved the first month with dates on them and you can see the progress. So hey, I know I still need A LOT of practice, but I think I came a pretty far way and I am not stopping.

Not only has it allowed me to be more creative (I also started painting too!), maybe I will share those too. But it allows me to escape just like poetry does. Three hours go by so quickly because I am so into the art that I am doing.

If there is anything that you want to do… DO IT! Do not stop just because you think you are not good enough… that’s what practice is for!

I personally think that sometimes people just aren’t patient enough with themselves to give themselves time to excel at it. Practice…learn it…research it…and you WILL succeed.

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