𝓘 𝓦𝓲𝓵𝓵

It will either destroy you or turn you into a better creation

Change is good, gets rid of toxic invasion

It feels good feeling good in every occasion

It pays off, you just have to be patient

Impatience can lead you to some messed up equations

Meditating to another world makes you feel so gracious

Your body is here but your soul is in a better location

Away from the negativity of this generation

Priorities so messed up, cannot hold on to inspiration

Mind so clouded, goes straight for the medication

Stimulate my mind, let’s have dope conversations

No explanations, we can be each other’s motivation

I don’t need meds to feel an elevation          

I don’t need help to feel a lovely sensation

I sit and pray hard in times of frustration

I don’t think much about the final destination

I’m enjoying the ride, but I don’t give into manipulation

When I talk to you, I need to feel an uplifting vibration

I’m only giving in to those that keep trying without limitations

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