They Try

They try…

So effortlessly, to tear your soul apart

I guess it gives them confidence

They genuinely don’t care about the consequence

Or maybe they want you to feel what they feel…

They want you to witness their misery

But never for a second thought about your history

You’ve already been there before

You’ve already felt the misery in your core

They don’t know the mental battles

Fought so hard while praying for better days

Looking for other ways…

They don’t understand that you fought that feeling and almost lost

That you almost gave in and escaped this world

And you still fought endlessly because you knew you belonged

It was a challenge, an endless battle who slowly kills you, if you let it

But you never gave in, you fought like your life depended on it, literally

But they are so caught up in making you feel how they feel

Because they are afraid of fighting their own battles

They focus on you and slowly try to take you to that dark place

That dark place you are so familiar with, don’t let them

You made it out on your own, you don’t need them to drag you back

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