You never knew my worth

That’s why your presence always blocked all my senses

You underestimated my vibe…

You always carried around a dark resemblance

It was my fault for allowing your entrance

After letting you in, your games seemed endless

You are looking for vengeance

But I was not the one who hurt you…

Your love was an illusion

Which caused so much confusion

You were using me as a substitution

To try to forget your pain…

While little by little you made me delusional

I was full of emotions, but my vibe was always beautiful

Which you never found suitable

But as usual, I found an unsuitable beast

Who was so caught up in his dysfunctional mind

So caught up it made him blind

So, he couldn’t see royalty right in front of his eyes

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2 responses to “Royalty”

  1. Wow Amazing, you know just a moments ago I thinking about to write on the same topic, I’ll definitely write on it!!

    1. Yes do it! Thank you !! 🙂

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