Emotional Prison

Souls destroyed by emotions

Emotions controlled by evil

You see them suffering in slow motion

They need reasons to love you

They are under hypnotic poison

So, they never realized they drank the potion

They want to be peaceful

But their mind is full of explosives

Abusive affirmations

Positivity limitations

You try but the communication fails

You try and you almost lose yourself in doing so

You try to once again make them glow

The dark vibe is contagious, you will never grow

You can go with the flow or go super slow

You will not free them though

It is a mental prison and until they’re ready they won’t let go

You can support and encourage them

But you cannot free them from a world they created themselves

Just Pure Oils To Moisturize and Rejuvenate. Perfect for Dark Circles & Bags Under The Eyes

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