I miss him

I miss the man I thought you were

The man who spent hours with me on the phone

The man who checked up on me all day

The man who called me a few times a day

And if he missed me, he would let it be known

I miss him

I miss the man you first showed me

I got used to him because I thought he was the real you

But little by little you showed me the real you

And it was nothing like the man you first showed me

I miss him

And when I ask for him you get mad and shut me down

You tell me you do not need to hit me up all day, but he did

You tell me you are not used to treating me this way, but he did

You are mad that I said mean things, but I just called you how you made me feel

I miss him

And now I have no closure

Because you took him from me

I spent hours on the phone getting to know him

And you killed him, you became you…

You are no longer the man I fell for, you are just a stranger now

And what hurts the most is that you think you are the victim

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