Tick Tock

Tick Tock

My mind is about to explode

The chaos is about to get exposed

I oppose, my mind does its own thing

I have no choice but to observe

I get on my own nerves

And I know it’s not what I deserve

Tick Tock

I’m staring at the clock

Certain habits I taught myself

Now I can’t be in shock

So many positive energy I manifested

But I also blocked them, what a joke

Tick Tock

The universe was feeding me positivity

And I let myself starve

Not sure when the transition occurred

I guess after so many times I learned

My chaotic mind was really absurd

My whole qi was disturbed

Tick tock

I become one with the sky

I become one with earth

I calm myself mentally

And so many good things occur

My world can fall apart externally

But I’ll never allow it to show internally

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