A super-hot girl got in my uber

With her figure 8, she was like a hot cougar

She wasn’t so clever, but she got my humor

She was a random gal, but I didn’t want to lose her

We started a conversation, she told me she was a tutor

Her being a stripper was just a rumor

She was so elegant, the look of a ruler

On the weekends she was a youtuber

She told me a few stories and I couldn’t believe her

Her last lover left her for a younger gal, what a loser

I didn’t know what to say to her, but I told her she was a trooper

The night got cooler

So, I invited her over and she used my computer

I just met her, and I wish I had met her sooner

She fell asleep and I didn’t dare to do anything stupid

Just by looking at her sleep I felt like an intruder

I woke her up, and send her in a different uber

She was a sweet gal, but she was just a commuter

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