Peace, serenity… to clear my mind and stay away from the enemy

Focusing all my energy on them was leaving me breathlessly

The worst part is they never felt any empathy

I was focused on them and they were also just focused on themselves

Peace, clarity…to focus most of my energy on myself instead of them

The way they were living their life, it was so dreadfully

In them I tried to find therapy, but they’re mostly focused on jealousy

They were never close to becoming my remedy, I walked away, my heart feeling heavily

I wanted to help them, but I couldn’t allow the process to hurt me mentally

Peace, heavenly…I wanted to love them, but had to learn to love myself first

I could still love them from far, separately, I’ll heal essentially

I’ll love them while still holding tight to my identity

If you love others before yourself, you’ll eventually lose your soul accidentally

Posted by

Hello! :) Welcome! My name is Glory, I am a mom to an AMAZING little man! I am a home-body, low key-nerd who loves feeding her soul with knowledge. I am super goofy and super genuine! I care a lot about others and I am very compassionate and understanding. I love to read/research, blog, and spend time with my son :) I barely watch tv but I enjoy comedy and anime. I'm usually a jolly person. My passions are health and poetry. I am currently a Massage therapy student. I teach yoga & I am also certified as a personal trainer. I want to help people improve their lives. One of my goals in life is to help others reach a sane place mentally and a healthy place physically. We need both intertwined to properly cope.

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