Emotional Prison

Souls destroyed by emotions Emotions controlled by evil You see them suffering in slow motion They need reasons to love you They are under hypnotic poison So, they never realized they drank the potion They want to be peaceful But their mind is full of explosives Abusive affirmations Positivity limitations You try but the communication fails You try and you almost lose yourself in doing so You try to once again make them glow The dark vibe is contagious, you will never grow You can go with the flow or go super slow You will not free them though It … Continue reading Emotional Prison

Déjà vu

Surreal experience From glorious to hideous Different moods, different periods Furious, oblivious, but experienced Trying to make me feel delirious You never took me serious… It’s Déjà vu It is the same view Triggered by you I’ve felt this feeling before It’s a deep ass feeling in my core It’s a feeling you can’t ignore It’s Déjà vu It is the same view Triggered by you Continue reading Déjà vu

What they choose to see

We’ve all gone a little madSometimes we feel super sadSometimes we just need someone to hold our handSomeone who will help us expandBut sometimes people don’t understand youAnd instead of trying, they ban youAnd they scan youAnd based on their own image of youAll of a sudden they can’t stand youThey don’t understand all the fuckery that’s been building upAll that you’ve witnessed growing upAll the adultery, all the discoveryIn a summaryThey never gave you a chanceThey only judge on what they seeOr what they choose to seeNever do they take time to check up on youYou could’ve been a … Continue reading What they choose to see

Slowly Tipping

I’m slowly tippingMy mind is trippingI don’t drink & I feel like drinkingTired of flipping outI’m tired & there is no doubtHow could I have allowedMyself to falloutTo you it’s all about cloutTo me it’s about protectionHow can you not see the connection?Your actions are a reflection of what is insideBut why must I pay?Do you think I’m a prey?Sometimes I am braveOther times I sit there and I prayIs it the attention that you crave?While I want someone to save meYou’re seeking attention I never gaveAnd now you claim you can’t behave Continue reading Slowly Tipping

Catch a Break

I know my worth There is a reason why I occupy a space in Earth I have beautiful animated dreams Such a nightmare though when I’m awake Sometimes I really can’t catch a break Thoughts running so robotic Sometimes feeling like a machine I try to keep my thoughts super clean But I mess them up so bad, I run on caffeine My thoughts are often logical But other times they are somewhat mythological Attracted to attractive minds A pretty face is just that, it is just a face I need a stimulation in my brain I want to talk … Continue reading Catch a Break

A Better Prize

I needed to know if you were in disguise I needed to uncover the lies I watched while your sweetness slowly died But you will never again hear my cries … Your lies made me wise When I heal from pain, I always rise I sterilized my mind from you I vaporized your memories … While you womanized I verbalized and I visualized No need to apologize It is true your vibe terrorized But I no longer recognize it … No need to agonize now The damaged you caused was finalized And I moved on… Now I am focused on … Continue reading A Better Prize


I take a sip of my green tea          I remind myself to keep my cool I have so many things to be grateful for But sometimes I let bad energy consume me I fight it all the time, but sometimes I lose I am a strong one, but sometimes the pain almost kills me I am a nice person, but sometimes I have demons near me No matter the mood, I always have good intentions But sometimes I am consumed by anger, by sadness And by plenty deception… I meditate, I concentrate, I go on another mental state It is … Continue reading Stronger


I miss him I miss the man I thought you were The man who spent hours with me on the phone The man who checked up on me all day The man who called me a few times a day And if he missed me, he would let it be known … I miss him I miss the man you first showed me I got used to him because I thought he was the real you But little by little you showed me the real you And it was nothing like the man you first showed me … I miss … Continue reading Victim

I tried

I will walk away knowing that I tired With you I smiled, and I cried I said messed up things, so did you, but I tried Different perspective We never understood because of lack of communication I wish you would have kept treating me the same The worst thing that could have happened from that… Was me falling in love with you Maybe that scared you … Because it’s not something you’re used to You are thinking that I would have hurt But I just wanted to genuinely love you I never told you this But you were one of … Continue reading I tried


One memory of you and I get triggered My thoughts are once again injured Just when I thought I had it figured out Just when at last I felt like a winner One picture of you and I bleed inwards Once again I am a beginner Starting the healing process over and over again All this time, did I just pretend to forget? My pain extends… My healing descends… I never wanted revenge, I just wanted to move on and forget I’m tired of my mind replaying the traumatic events The nightmares are intense I’m not completely sure how I’ll … Continue reading PTSD