Sedated Energy

Stuck in a hysterical state

Went from extreme focus to complete clumsiness

Such a drastic change

I was trying to control my energy in complete loneliness

I meditated hard to straighten all my weaknesses

I’ve had many sleepless nights

Staring at my ceiling, way past midnight

Praying to the higher power to help me feel alright

I close my eyes and envision light

If I’m not winning, I’m also not losing without a fight

Stuck in a hysterical state

I sit in lotus, a new vision I try to create

I’m thinking hard because I can’t think straight

I was carrying so much unnecessary weight

The energy the universe feeds me, I must carefully translate

Late night past midnight, I’m stuck in a hysterical state

I chant positive words and my energy sedates

Passionately killing all the energy that I hate

My energy sometimes goes against me and we debate

I win the fight and now I wait, carefully watching as the universe changes my fate

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