Possessed souls

I feel so different than the rest

That’s why many times I am at a distance

I enjoy the solitude and then my soul cries out of loneliness

So many of them are heartless, not sure if it’s because they are full of weaknesses

Where is all the sweetness? Where is all the beautiful chaotic uniqueness?

A lot of them are acting like robots, when you don’t mimic their moves, they cut you off

They don’t know what it’s like to meditate on lotus, they never experience their mind’s deepness

Do they know what it’s like to feel completeness? Do they hurt you and feel sleepless?

Sometimes their words makes me feel speechless

I feel so different than the rest

So many tests, I feel the pressure on my chest

A lot of them compete to see who is best dressed, always trying to impress

They don’t have time to compete with themselves, they start to feel the stress

Meanwhile, I am alone trying to free myself from this mental arrest, trying to reinvest

Their actions are sometimes so hard to digest, it’s a cold world, most people feeling depressed

It’s a cold world out there, so many souls are possessed, and so I stay home meditating on house arrest

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