Dear Son

Dear son,

There will be temptation, but you must learn the importance of remaining faithful 

Some people won’t stop attacking until you drown

Don’t fight them, the best revenge is bettering yourself 

They will see you doing amazing and drown in tears

There will be plenty of fear, but don’t fear the world

We are our biggest fear

Some people act like animals, some people have no manners

Always be kind, it will get you further in life

Some people will hate you, love yourself more

Company is good, but only the ones that make you feel alive, the ones that make you forget all your suffering 

Suffering is good sometimes, it can break you or make you, baby choose wisely, it’s hard to function when you’re broken

When they knock you down, get back up, if you fall 10 times, get up 11

Love kindly, love passionately, but most of all love yourself kindly and passionately 

When they want to hurt you, they are not straight up

They hide under masks, they paint illusions

Don’t let them confuse you, meditate and stay focus 

They’ll try to cloud your vision, you navigate through all your senses

You’ll win, but you’ll also fail, take those moments as lessons, you’ll learn a lot when you pay attention

This life has no manual and people are no longer showing compassion

Sometimes it will make you really sad but don’t you ever ever give up! 

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