Small Talk

Small talk I miss our long walks I stare at the ashes that fall from your cigarette You’re here with me, but then again not I’m conversing with your silhouette … Cold sweat, mixed with emotions Your vibe now feels like a threat I try to forget, but now I’m full of regrets … Upset as I sit alone watching the sunset I wish we could go back to when we first met Erase you from my memories and completely forget Continue reading Small Talk

Take my heart

Take my heart, but only if you’re going to treat it right Love me when the sun is out, love me in the night This is quite frightful But you seem quite delightful I would be lying if I said I’m not a little doubtful But to be honest, I’ m also extremely grateful A little bit in denial, but at the same time it’s quite exciting I’m grateful for your arrival You understand me, you’re quite thoughtful Old thoughts need to get recycled I can’t let them get in between this feeling of enlightenment Take my heart, but only … Continue reading Take my heart

Almost Prisoner

Sound of silence As the negative energy hits my mind I’m freaking out.. I slowly start losing my faith I become a prisoner  I slowly start losing my breath  This experience felt very close to death … Sound of silence As I convert the negative energy to positive energy Fear won’t get me far, it’ll just paralyze me I’m trying hard to fight it, you can hear my cries The fear slowly vanishes from my eyes I won’t stop fighting, I’m not stopping until I feel enlightened … Sound of silence As I notice I had to almost die to … Continue reading Almost Prisoner

Something Sacred

Hold my hand and promise that you’ll never ever let go I’m scared, but this might be something sacred I want someone to love me, I’m tired of the hatred My mind is a little complicated, but it has slowly become awakened I’ve waited…I’ve waited for this kind of love Don’t say words you can’t keep, I’m tired of my time being wasted I want something to finally turn out magical Most of my experiences have been quiet tragical Our vibe seems to be compatible  Hold my hand and promise that you’ll never ever let go Continue reading Something Sacred


Anxiety caused mostly by society It’s my fault for giving them the authority Such an irony  My thoughts become priority Must treat myself with such generosity  I must take care of my thoughts reliably  If I lose myself, I lose my mentality  If I lose myself, I lose my sanity  Fighting my monsters which sometimes disguise as humanity Fighting myself sometimes angrily Sometimes I wish this was all a fantasy  Fighting the negative thoughts savagely  Fighting the negative thoughts so I don’t fully lose my personality  Anxiety caused mostly by society  My mind is full of positive thoughts, for the … Continue reading Anxiety

Not Giving In

Such a negative vibe It sopped by and looked at me straight in the eyes A feeling of fear and I no longer felt wise I’ll lose myself if I don’t fight, trapped in fright I fight it with all my might I must find the light … Such a negative vibe It faced me and it wasn’t afraid Face to face as I smiled, and I prayed It thinks it is stronger, it thinks I’ll lose But that’s not how I was made It wants to enter and cause mental abuse … Such a negative vibe But I’m not … Continue reading Not Giving In

For Nothing

Feed my soul’s curiosity  Tell me… … Honestly, I need to know Did I give you my love for nothing? … I sit in a corner pouting I won’t lie, I’m hurting All that trusting And for what? For nothing All this time I thought you felt something … I did not receive not even an apology Looking for answers everywhere Even turned to astrology Did I call you mine for nothing? All that blushing for nothing I try to smile but I feel the tears coming … Feed my soul’s curiosity Tell me… All those times we were touching … Continue reading For Nothing

Genuine Love

As soon as we met, I recognized your beautiful vibe We barely exchanged words, yet I felt every single word Something about you seems genuine You might be the remedy I’ve been searching for … You stare at my eyes and you smile Somehow I know there is no evil within you when I stare at your eyes You promised you would love me and I believe you My heart can no longer take pain, my eyes can no longer cry tears… Please don’t hurt me … You get close and whisper sweet things in my ears So far, I … Continue reading Genuine Love

Scattering Thoughts

Scattering thoughts  Can’t find the right words  I sit quietly by my window and listen to the birds Close my eyes as I say a prayer to the Lords My cup is full of herbs … Scattering thoughts  My words are in knots Can’t get the messages across My mind is full of stained spots … Scattering thoughts  I sit in lotus My mind in hypnosis I sit until I find a motive I am focused  The pain will never go unnoticed Continue reading Scattering Thoughts