We match, we talk a little smack and then exchange numbers

You tell me about yourself, your mother and your brother

You say cute shit and it makes me wonder

Are you a true lover? Or you just want get under?

Text me consistently for two days

It goes from “can I get to know you?” to “yo ma let me get a pic of that ass”

Well damn, that was fast

At least it took you a little longer than the last dude to ask

You’ll promise me that you won’t ghost

Then one day you just wake up possessed by a different host

I’m sorry, if I gave you the impression that I was a hoe

Then you get upset because what you say doesn’t always go

I wanted something real

All you care about is how I look in heels

It took me a long time to heal

So, you think my energy I’ll let you steal?

You fool, you might be a fine fool, but I don’t want you if you don’t have the right tools

It’s not that you only want sex

It’s that you lie about what you say

I get it, a lot of men can’t communicate

So, they often don’t comprehend

They want bomb ass head, but can’t even understand what is in their own head

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