Month: February 2020


Breaking free I had a very big fee When you’re tied down, you can’t really live carefree The sun sets and I sip my green tea I close my eyes and I breathe I inhale and I meditate It’s the… Read More ›


We match, we talk a little smack and then exchange numbers You tell me about yourself, your mother and your brother You say cute shit and it makes me wonder Are you a true lover? Or you just want get… Read More ›

A Glance

Last chance, to tell me how you really feel I don’t need a story, be straight up, give me a brief summary I’m getting different impressions, I’m not sure if you’re shy You’re making it difficult, the chances of me… Read More ›


I never thought I would say this, but I miss your touch I should be upset, but I won’t hold a grudge You’re a bad decision, but I don’t mind being judged … I miss your smell As soon as… Read More ›

Self Destroy

She is reaching for air She is so messed up and she hasn’t been able to repair She acts like she doesn’t care Beware of her energy, she is never aware … Nothing works on her, not even prayer Because… Read More ›

On my mind

You’re always on my mind Even though I know you’re not really mine Thinking of you all the time, I might be crossing the line Your face and your thoughts, you as a whole, you’re so fine … I look… Read More ›


You say you want me to forgive you But you can’t even forgive yourself I’ll forgive you in vain Erasing all my pain Just like that, you still not knowing how to act … When I forgive, I feel alive… Read More ›

Weirder than fiction

Weirder than fiction It’s such a contradiction Focused on a vision Not discussing religion I’m on a spiritual mission Paying expensive tuition To be in better conditions It’s not a competition But I want better positions There is enough ambition… Read More ›