Talk is cheap

The ones that go through it, barely talk about it and the ones that don’t, talk the most

Like they know the most about it

They argue with you without living through the experience

You went through it and it makes you delirious

Argue so much about it, you become oblivious

How can they argue it if they never felt the feeling in their core?

They’ve never witnessed it before?

How can they argue it if they don’t know what it’s like to be sore from that experience?

So much resilience, but not experienced

No longer chained

It took me a long time to break free

I was in a constant chain

It took me hard work to break from them

And you think you can come with new chains…

Look for the right answers in your brain, and explain…

What makes you think I’m going through that pain again, voluntarily?

Help me understand, I need clarity

One touch, one kiss, five words, and you think you can chain me, now I’m “yours”

I am mine, and to get to that, I went through a lot of therapy

You come with new chains, I’m supposed to allow it, apparently

You’re not even a priority

You’re not even a necessity

Listen to me carefully

Mentally, my only state is peacefully

I’m practicing that heavily

If you’re trying to block me

Make sure you’re ready mentally

I’m going full speed, carefully

For herself

Unstable but still able

Magnetic powerful vibe

Mysterious yet liberating

Animated hallucinations

Never scared of her expressions

Radiates her own mind

Taps into all of her senses

She tries, she tries hard

But not for anyone else

She does it for herself

Focused on her meditations

Brilliant spirit, never cruel

Sometimes frightened

But never ever stopping

Inspired by life

Ideal consciousness

She tries, she tries hard

But not for anyone else

She does it for herself


Self-love, self-care I had to love it as much as I love air

My thoughts weren’t always fair

Me being happy used to be rare

Complained about everything, from my toes to my hair

I needed to take care of myself, I swear

I was getting tired of my own glare

Now I look in the mirror and I sometimes stare

It’s not something I’m afraid to share

I was always myself, but never aware

Always wanted approval elsewhere, but they were never there

It became a real nightmare I had to repair

Sometimes it scared me, other times it felt like a dare

I was hurting myself, I was being unfair

I’ve been better, it’s not hard to compare

Self-love, self-care I had to love it as much as I love air

Guilty Pleasure

So many guilty pleasures, it’s sometimes hard to measure
Sometimes a mistake other times a treasure
Call it a balance, sometimes it makes me feel lesser, other times I feel better
I can be my own aggressor, or I’ll take myself on an adventure
Altogether, it’s not as bad, but it’s not always clever
It’s an exotic feeling when I keep myself together
Other times I rebel, it raises my blood pressure, it sometimes stains me forever
Whether it’s good or bad, there is always a lesson, or a lecture
Always under pressure, to be my own professor or to live in terror
Guilty pleasure, through pain or tears, my guilty pleasures is what makes me feel like a successor

Should I go? should I stay?

I shouldn’t, but I can’t stop

An adrenaline rush, when I talk to you

I need to subtract myself; you keep coming back and it’s not helping me

Every time you tell me that you want me, I lose my common sense, I lose control, can’t think for myself

Should I leave? Should I wait? I just don’t know

To be with you or without, they both feel right

Your words may be genuine, but you just never know

Do I leave or go with the flow?

Do I leave or see if it grows?

Do I leave or see where it goes?

I just don’t know; my mind is about to blow and I think it shows

Eliminating your vibe

Intoxicating, anticipating

Another shot, in your games I’m participating

My mind you’re now manipulating

Out of breath I’m suffocating

You think you should be dominating

Take a seat, you’re insulting my freedom, I won’t let you win, you’re hallucinating

Away from you I’m relocating

You’ve been fighting, I’ve been communicating

You’ve been tempting me, I’ve been hesitating

You make a scene; my thoughts start isolating

Your red flags have been accumulating

Whatever feelings I had, you’ve been assassinating

After one night with you, I’m recuperating

Screw you, I don’t need you, your whole vibe I’m eliminating

When I’m not with you, my soul starts rejuvenating