Time bomb

I’m usually calm

Other people see that and they try to test me

 I just want to chill and rest

They poke me until my energy becomes a time bomb

When I explode, they don’t understand

They cause the explosion and they can’t comprehend

I’m exhaling the same energy I am inhaling, it’s usually toxic

When I’m alone all the energy I’m inhaling is healthy

Tries to act like a friend, but is never around when I need a hand

I don’t talk about it, I be to myself

They see me alone, they try to expose me until I explode

I stay in the shadows because I’m taking care of myself

I see all your lies in the light

In darkness, my energy still glows

Don’t worry about me, I have a steady flow

They get mad when they see you have self-control

They choose to stay below

I’m not worried about them when my mind alone is a combat zone

When I’m alone, I calm my thoughts and my soul floats

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