Too many people

Too many people say they’re on your side, when you need their help, they don’t even try

Too many people say they try, when you are tied, they hide

The only times they show up is when you almost died

Other than that, they don’t care how many times you cried, their pride takes over, and away they slide

They want you to be there for them, but when you need them, the same rules aren’t applied

Too many people want second chances, but they won’t change unless they try to

Too many people say they are genuine, but their personalities can’t even be identified

You waste so much energy trying to please them but somehow they’re always dissatisfied

Too many people say they’re on your side, then they start acting strange, their actions become unspecified

When they need you, their kindness gets magnified, bring it up to them, and your words will get denied

Too many people ask me why I’m alone, my own vibe I don’t always have to verify

They lie and lie, I get high, close my eyes and I realize, they kept me paralyzed, I don’t need them to get into paradise

Posted by

Hello! :) Welcome! My name is Glory, I am a mom to an AMAZING little man! I am a home-body, low key-nerd who loves feeding her soul with knowledge. I am super goofy and super genuine! I care a lot about others and I am very compassionate and understanding. I love to read/research, blog, and spend time with my son :) I barely watch tv but I enjoy comedy and anime. I'm usually a jolly person. My passions are health and poetry. I am currently a Massage therapy student. I teach yoga & I am also certified as a personal trainer. I want to help people improve their lives. One of my goals in life is to help others reach a sane place mentally and a healthy place physically. We need both intertwined to properly cope.

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