Secret Romance

A secret romance

When they’re secretly together, they always reach climax

They want to be together but neither of them wants to take the chance

So, they stare at each other in secret and in front of others they just glance

He invites her out to dance, she accepts, they both go in a trance

They love each other but perhaps they’re scared

Their love is different, but it isn’t rare

They are both really aware, they really care

It’s so unfair

They can’t be together, it’s all a blur

They’re madly in love, but they aren’t sure how it occurred

A secret romance

They try to stop it and it just expands

They try to stop it because they don’t understand

They tried to stop it but their hearts had other commands

No matter how hard they try, the love won’t even collapse

They want to stop it but they don’t even know how it began

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