Sticky tape

Finding ways to escape, my mind is sometimes chaos, why do some people try to bend me out of shape?

Talking so much nonsense, like I’m supposed to be wearing a cape

Expecting more than I can give, you want me to be better, I’m trying to survive

I’m trying to be better than alright

I’m genuinely trying to figure out why some people try to make it so hard

To help you through it, to make it harder, they can’t decide

They won’t comply

It’s alright, I’m fine with my own supplies

I am better without the chaos and the lies

Because they hurt you, then patch it up with sticky tape, drape their wrongs, and call you babe

Happened so often, I don’t feel the pain

I been ran away from the games, when I stop playing, it’s when I gain

Processing it all in my brain

I don’t need the pain

I’m blocking their negative energy again and again

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