Just a dream

Growing, knowing

There are better solutions, when I proceed them, I’ll start glowing, flowing

But I’ve been stuck in this nightmare for too long

Every time I closed my eyes, the nightmare would stream

They were so bad I would scream

When I’m awake, I’m at peace, but it’s not always what it seems

The nightmares were so vivid, they began to affect my self esteem

Every day I prayed for different mental themes

The pain it was causing was extreme

Supreme sadness, supreme fright

Then I realized they can’t hurt me in real life, it’s just a mental scheme!

Wake the hell up, it’s just a dream!


  1. The imagery, the consistency of your rhyme and the overall flow of the poem was immaculate to say the least. Well done, keep it up with bliss of your words.

      1. Always a pleasure. I really admire the poetic essence of your writings. You got any insta page/insta account for your writings? I’d love to follow you there.

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