He just wants one thing

My vibe is so exquisite

He noticed, he is trying to come and visit

But when he comes by he doesn’t even listen

He just wants one thing, at this point my magnificent aura is irrelevant

He is trying to unbalance all of my elements

Doesn’t even hide it, his actions need to have consequences

He wants to receive love but doesn’t want to give it

When you question his actions, his exes he mentions

People get hurt by one person and they pay with everyone they meet after

It’s like they never learn their lessons

Now he walks around with all that tension

He doesn’t know how to love because he can’t even love himself

His past experiences created his insecurities

Now he doesn’t want to love, he just wants one thing

Falls for the wrong ones, gets hurt, doesn’t learn, never heals, never gives the worthy ones their worth

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