New year on high speed (New year special)

Everyone raises their champagne glasses

Everyone sips while they’re hoping this year, they get better chances

All the old pain is soon getting turned into ashes

All the negative thought patterns are getting murdered, the females stream tears through their long eyelashes

We’re putting out the old fire, we need some new matches

Change your thought patterns but not your passions

Everyone sips their champagne glasses while they show off their new year jackets

Phones away, we’re having conversations, old fashioned

Try it this year, change your thought patterns, watch you change all your circumstances

Raise you glasses higher, we’re on a different status

Everyone is saying they’re changing for the better, classic

But don’t just say it, be about it

You’re the ruler of your kingdom, you make the rules in your own castle

Fasten your hearts so it doesn’t come out your mouths, we’re going on high speed, taking all the chances

The power you’ll gain with action is massive

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