Tiptoe through life

Tiptoe my way through life, tiptoe my way through it all

So many times I tried to just go with the flow, so many times I tried to take it slow, some days I was steady and other days I would fall

 Alone I waited for someone to at least say “hello”, but the lonelier I was, the easier it was to grow

Nobody to shut off my glow, people don’t stick for a long time, I guess when you know, you know

I always wanted everyone to be on top, while they wished I stayed below

Over and over, I got hurt, and my happiness still overflowed

I guess when you know, you just know, although I’m not sure if I should make noise or stay silent

I tiptoe my way through the streets, I tiptoe my way through the crowd

I tried to come out on top and share my positive vibe

But they leave me no choice, and I want to stay underground, if I’m drowning alone, so be it

I’ve learned to heal my own wounds

Alone I found myself, the crowd was too toxic and it was blinding my purpose

Tiptoe my way through life, tiptoe my way through it all

Moving silently underground, moving silently until I’ve reach some kind of enlightenment

At least when I’m alone, nobody kills my excitement

Dance with my devil

Judgmental people call you mental
I’m sorry your life was so successful
Not everyone has the same luck
Some people don’t know they’re dancing with the devil

They call themselves sentimental
When they do go through things, “it’s environmental”
They judge you even if your heart is gentle

They never been through an experience so detrimental
They question why you never listened to the words, this whole time I was dancing to an instrumental
If you’re going to talk about the hell I live in, make sure you first dance with the devil

Love me until midnight

Love me until midnight

Ignite me until then

Kiss me under the moonlight

With you I don’t feel afraid

I’m giving in without a fight

We don’t have much time left

But this moment feels so right

Your vibe inspires me to write

And if I’m being honest, my heart you excite

Love me until midnight

You don’t have to be all the way polite

I’m loving what’s in front of my sight

You hold my waist pretty tight

The dark I no longer fright

My lips you kiss and bite

You’re feeding my vibe, you’re feeding my appetite

Fuck it, I’m feeling the vibe

I wouldn’t be upset if you loved me pass the daylight



I’m supposed to be going with the flow

You hand me over a black rose

Then you put on a show

Everyone believes you, but I know how it goes

In secret you hate me, in the light when they’re watching, you want to propose

In secret you’re ripping my clothes, in the light you want to pose, you’re about to get exposed


You want to show them you love me, kiss me from my head to my toes, but your secrets I’m about to disclose

My feelings for you will no longer grow

This is not what I chose

You want to mess up my vibe, I oppose

I loved you every day, even the days you felt low

The first time you hurt me, I froze

I’m not longer doing it, the portal of love is officially closed

Ballistic Vibe

Sometimes my thoughts make me go ballistic

I’m trying to beat the statistics

I’m all about peace of mind, I’ve never been materialistic

Those things don’t matter if I’m not feeling mystic

They want me to pop pills, I prefer holistic

They will never stop being critics

I’ll never stop feeling majestic

When I consume their vibes, I become parasitic, it makes me feel malicious

It’s a horrific feeling, I become a victim

But only because I allow it, it’s my fault because I know their thought patterns are twisted

I shifted the energy, now I feel lifted

They are giving me mixed signals, I like to be specific

I’m no longer letting them take control, I’m keeping myself at a distance

Nothing but claptrap

Perhaps you trapped me, but it stopped when I realized all your speeches were nothing but claptrap

You want to caress me and tell me to sit on your lap

Your behavior I won’t tolerate, it’s time for a swap

Long time ago you created a gap

To you I will never adapt

You call me complicated, but I gave you a map

You never figured it out so you always snapped

Funny how you flirted with everyone, but I was the tramp

You question why I’m leaving, but you know your love I never grasped

I gave you almost all of my love, yet you gave me nothing but damp

So much nonsense, we could’ve been okay but you spoke nothing but crap


An aficionado of love

Knows everything about it but never falls in love

Depleting other people’s minds while his mind he grows

Aficionado of love but doesn’t want to love

So much talent, never uses it, it really blows

Dims other people’s light but his light always glows

Everyone wants him, but he doesn’t want anyone but himself

So much potential to grow

But he sits sad by the snow

He loves to love but doesn’t know how to, so they call him a “hoe”

He wants to love, he portrays insecurities instead, a tantrum he throws

A lonely lover who can’t love

Everyone wants him yet he still feels alone

Everyone thinks he is doing okay, but he feels below

He doesn’t know how to proceed so he just goes with flow